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10 Factors Affect LED Strip Light Brightness

Visited a bunch of articles about outdoor led strip lights , compared several types of outdoor backyard lighting and pool strip lighting , and finally chose one to your cart and check out for it. Several days later, it arrived. Take a day or call an electrician to install it. 

However, all sets finished, you found it not as bright as you hoped for after turning on the light.

This is a blog you can’t miss before paying for your outdoor landscape lighting or pool lighting. Explore below 10 factors that affect LED strip light brightness.

1. LEDs Density

The density of the LED strip refers to the number of LEDs per meter (foot). 

The common LED densities for LED strip lights are 30/60/120 LEDs per meter (9/18/36 LEDs per foot). 

Obviously, higher LED density light would be brighter compared to other types. 

PaneraLux all led strips exterior are over 60 LEDs/m (18 LEDs/ft), which wouldn’t be pretty dim. 

If you are not sure what the bright led strip pool lights should be, visit our blog How Bright Should a Pool Light Be? – PaneraLux , where we exemplified two types of PaneraLux pool lights which meet the 2023 MAHC Code (4th Edition) to help you confirm the standard of pool lights.

2. Color Temperature

Color temperature describes the light appearance provided by a light.

Common color temperatures of LED strip lights are warm white (3000K), neutral white (4000K), white (5000K), and cool white (6500K).

The color temperature of the LED strip also impacts the brightness. Higher color temperature means brighter light (cool white light looks brighter than warm white light). When selecting light for outdoor usage, you could consider color temperature and the style you want. Warm lights have a low color temperature, giving a dim and cozy ambiance, while cool lights are brighter due to high temperature.

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paneralux colored pool lights light-up effect in the swimming pool
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LEDs Density

120 LEDs/m
(36 LEDs/ft)

140 LEDs/m
(42 LEDs/ft)

120 LEDs/m
(36 LEDs/ft)

60 LEDs/m
(18 LEDs/ft)

Color Temperature





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PaneraLux Colored Outdoor Edge Lights LED neon stirp light
Application of PaneraLux Outdoor Edge Lights Strips


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PaneraLux LED Outdoor Light Strip - White Static Color  

LEDs Density

60 LEDs/m
(18 LEDs/ft)

72 LEDs/m
(22 LEDs/ft)

72 LEDs/m
(22 LEDs/ft)

Color Temperature




    3. Quality

      Not all LED strips are of the same quality, even if they have the same technical parameters.

      Different brands may use different designs and quality LED chips, leading to differences in brightness. To avoid this, select LED lights from a reliable brand that uses well-binned LED chips.

      4. Length

      If you try to connect two outdoor led strip lights to one power supply, you will find the second one is dimmer than the one closer to the power supply due to voltage drop. Similarly, the length of the LED strip affects the brightness as well, the end part is dimmer than the beginning part.

      5. Power Supply

      Wattage is just how much power draws, not how much power you put into it.

      If the pool led strip lights need 100w, and your supply is only 75w, it will be very dim.

      The opposite is not true. A 150w supply will only supply the 100W it needs.

      You can learn how to pick a suitable power supply for pool lights by reading What Happens if Using Unsuitable Power Supply for 24v Pool Lights? – PaneraLux .

      6. Installation

      Common LED strips have an emitting light surface, and the brightness would be changed based on the installation direction of the outdoor led strip .

      7. Placement

      For backyard lighting , it’s hard to avoid dust from the outdoors.

      Wind is everywhere, and dust is everywhere. As dust accumulates on the surface of the led outdoor lights strip , it not only causes the strip to heat up more but also reduces its brightness.

      8. Heat

      LED strips don't produce much heat compared to other types of lights like incandescent or halogen, but heat still impacts brightness. 

      Wrong installation can let heat accumulate and overheat, leading the exterior led strip lighting to dim and their covering to get yellowish, making the light appear less bright.

      9. Humidity

        Moisture is another no-no for submersible pool lights . Accumulation of moisture in the LED strips corrodes or rusts the internal components, reducing brightness over time.

        This is common when you install LED strips in a highly humid area. In this case, a waterproof LED strip with complete sealing is essential.

        3 Steps to Choose Waterproof LED Strip Lights for Outdoor Use – PaneraLux can help you avoid this factor.

        10. Aged

          Time is an unavoidable factor. After a long time, the LEDs will dim. Be mindful of the lifespan of light strips to delay their dimming.

          Refresh it by a new led strip light by Light Up Your Nights - A Guide to Installing LED strip pool lights – PaneraLux

          You can directly select from PaneraLux pool and outdoor LED strips to minimize factors that affect the brightness of LED strips, enjoy moments with your loved ones.

          For expert advice and assistance in choosing the perfect LED strip lights for your outdoor space, feel free to reach out to our team. Email or click the icon in the bottom right corner, chat with us and you can get professional advice soon.

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