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PaneraLux LED Outdoor Light Strip - White Static Color

PaneraLux LED Outdoor Light Strip - White Static Color

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PaneraLux Led outdoor light strip -White Static Color

Illuminate your backyard walkway with our IP67 LED light strip white color. Make the beauty of your outdoor landscaping shine just as bright at night as it does during the day. These neon rope lights are the ultimate solution for outdoor landscaping edges as they are IP67 waterproof have a linear effect, are narrow in size and can be placed along flower beds without taking up space or looking bulky.

Shipping Policy

Standard orders will need 3-7 weeks, which includes 3-8 business days for production and 10-35 days for shipping. We will make every effort to ensure your purchased product reaches you within the stated time frame, but we make no guarantees as issues can arise that are outside of our control. Customs clearance may increase the delivery time for some countries.

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Benefits Of White Static Color LED Outdoor Light Strip

When considering outdoor and garden decorative lights, understanding the benefits they offer is essential to making informed decisions:

  • garden path lights cut and reseal instruction from PaneraLux
  • lighting for garden paths installation guiding
  • led strip lights outdoor related accessories from PaneraLux

Why Choose PaneraLux White Static Color LED Outdoor Light Strip

  • 24V low voltage rope lighting outdoor - Harmless to the human body

    Safety Priority

    Our white static color Led outdoor light strip features low voltage design, ensuring safe operation with stable 24V DC output, putting safety first for you and your family.

  • led strip lights for outside tail plug installation method from PaneraLux

    Easy Customization

    Access our extensive instructional videos for easy customization, ensuring a perfect match for your garden's lighting needs.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Benefit from our team of engineers who will develop a bespoke garden lighting plan based on your specific requirements, ensuring a professional, bespoke lighting solution for your outdoor space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Martin Wright
Reliable quality and excellent performance

Top quality step light strip which has survived a week of heavy rainfall unscathed. The selection of colors that can be adjusted at will is great, being able to switch them depending on my mood. I'm still using the app to add more color variety. Since this was my first purchase, I wasn't sure of its quality and effectiveness so I didn't cover the entire step, but I will buy more light tape to cover the entire step.

Caroline Oscar
Super Waterproof Outdoor Light Strip

I have purchased no less than 5 different brands of outdoor waterproof light strips, and they all advertised IP67 to be able to be used outdoors in wet and rainy environments. However, all of them were damaged within a short period of time after installation and use due to electrical leakage. I could even see the wiring rusted.
Paneralux's outdoor strip lights are really waterproof to IP67, after a whole summer of heavy rain, several times they are completely submerged in water, this strip lights still work normally and still keep the same brightness as when it first arrived.

Leona Mond
My outdoor steps turned into a rainbow

Although this cost me quite a bit of extra budget because I wanted each strip of lights to have a different light color, so I purchased multiple controllers. Obviously it was worth it because each controller can control the light color of a strip of lights individually, which allowed me to finally get my rainbow steps wish.
I installed these lights outside and they still work great through several heavy rainstorms and bitter cold.

Monica Leopold
Intelligent outdoor light

I bought two sets. We mounted one set on the steps with ties and screws, but I didn't want to use screws on the roof, so we mounted the other set with silicone adhesive and both sets are solid. I love that these lights are so inconspicuous when they're not on, so they can be hung all year round and the colors can be changed according to the season. It's easy to set up just by opening the app. And I can synchronize the two sets of lights to set some commands, such as lighting up at a certain time at the same time. This way I don't need to go and manually start the light strips every day. I love the convenience of this smart product.

Jeffrey Eleano
Great quality and right price

I have tried to use outdoor light strips on several occasions, but they have failed. These lights are of superior quality (bright). Easy to install. the IP67 waterproof rating works well for outdoor weather. Just this past Christmas this light strip was great for decorating my outdoor patio. My kids couldn't have asked for a better scene on Christmas Day as they built snowmen in the yard with the changing lights. There is also the fact that I can leave the lights outside and not be noticed all year round.