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  1. Brand Promotion: The Licensee can promote the Licensor brand in its respective region and gain terminal customers.
  2. Market Protection: Gain terminal customers within the dealership agreement area and enjoy certain market protection policies, ensuring the dealer's sales advantage within the agreement area.
  3. Comprehensive Training: Provide comprehensive technical training, written and video instructional materials; additionally, the Licensor will provide assistance and support for technical issues related to product functionality and use.
  4. Visits and Conversation: The Licensee may be invited to visit the Licensor headquarters to gain a deeper understanding of the company's production process and business philosophy, and to discuss cooperation details with senior management, enhancing the relationship.
  5. Price Support: During cooperation, the Licensor will provide price support according to the dealer's performance and market demand, enhancing the dealer's market competitiveness.


  1. Customer Service: Assist customers in using the Licensor products, provide high-quality after-sales service, and maintain the Licensor brand image.
  2. Market Promotion: Conduct promotions and commercial activities within the Licensor-authorized scope in the name of the dealer, making every effort to promote the Licensor products and increase market share.
  3. Market Information Feedback: Timely inform the Licensor of the market information concerning the company, products, or market competitiveness, and assist the Licensor in market research and product planning.
  4. Regular Communication: Regularly communicate and negotiate with the Licensor about the market situations, sales forecasts, and product planning related to the Licensor’s products.
  5. Notification of Changes: Timely notify the Licensor of any changes in the dealer's status, organization, personnel, or major customers; also, inform the Licensor of any political, financial, legislative, industrial, or other events within the territory that may affect the mutual business interests, whether harmful or beneficial.
  6. Timely Payment: Make timely payments according to the terms of the agreement, ensuring the stability of the cooperative relationship.
  7. Brand Protection: Strictly adhere to the Licensor's brand usage regulations, and do not misuse the brand or engage in unfair competition.

Validity of Dealership

This agreement takes effect from the date of signing and lasts for one year unless terminated earlier as provided by the agreement. Both parties should regularly assess the cooperation status and negotiate renewal or adjustment of the agreement terms before the agreement period ends.

How to become a dealer for PaneraLux?

3 Steps to become an authorized dealer for PaneraLux:

  1. Fill and Submit the Form: Please fill in the information and send the completed form to PaneraLux by email ( Please ensure the information in the form is accurate and truthful.
  2. Evaluation and Review: We will evaluate and review the information on the completed form.
  3. Notification of Results: If your application meets our dealer requirements, we will proceed with the mutual signing of the dealer agreement. If your application does not meet our requirements, we will notify you.


Please fill in the following Dealership Application Form, then email it to us. We will evaluate your information and reply you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Dealer Application Form

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Information Protection

We highly value all the information you provide in the dealer application form and are committed to strictly protecting your privacy and trade secrets. Rest assured, we will take the following measures to ensure the security of your data:

  1. Data Confidentiality: We pledge that all information provided in the application form will be used solely for assessing dealer qualifications and will not be used for any other purposes. We will not disclose your information to any third party without your explicit consent.
  2. Privacy Protection: We will implement appropriate technical and managerial measures to protect your personal privacy and trade secrets, preventing unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
  3. Data Security: All collected data will be encrypted and securely stored to ensure its safety during transmission and storage.
  4. Information Access: Only authorized personnel will have access to your application information, and these personnel have signed confidentiality agreements to ensure your information is not misused.
  5. Legal Compliance: We will strictly comply with relevant privacy protection laws and regulations to ensure your information is adequately protected.