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PaneraLux Colored Pool Lights Interconnect

PaneraLux Colored Pool Lights Interconnect

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Light Up Your Pools with PaneraLux Colored Pool Lights Interconnect

PaneraLux Colored Pool Lights aren't just for swimming pools, they're great for extending beyond the pool and into the backyard.

Garden ponds tend to get overlooked once the sun goes down, but with PaneraLux underwater Pool Lights, your pond can transform your garden into an incredibly atmospheric space.

If you're hanging out near a fire pit, maybe you can just put it around the edge of the fire pit, and put the pool strip lighting under the seating area so you can see the ground.

These innovative submersible light strips are specifically designed to enhance the ambience and safety of your outdoor living edge area, taking your poolside experience to a whole new level.

Multicolor pool lights are the perfect addition to transform your backyard water features into an enchanting oases of color and charm.

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Benefits of PaneraLux Colored Pool Lights Interconnect

When considering lighting options for your pool, spa , pond and backyard, PaneraLux colored underwater light offer numerous benefits worth highlighting:

Right and Wrong Way to Take Out and Bend the Light Strip

When bending or removing a light strip, it is essential to follow proper procedures to avoid damaging the device. These are the proper and improper ways:

led rope light outdoor put out instruction

The proper method to take out the light strip:

1. Use the tube to pass through the spool and unroll the luminous tape horizontally.

2. When installing, one person drags the spool while the other takes out the light strip for installation.

The improper method to Take Out The Light Strips:

1. Avoid placing the spool directly on the ground and pulling out the light strip without proper guidance.

2. Refrain from leaving one end of the pool light strip hanging in the air while performing the installation process.

led pool lighting install on the corner

The proper method to bend the light strip:

1. Bend the light strip along the side without emitting light. 

2. Make sure the bending angle of the light strip is equal to or greater than 60 degrees.

3. Install the strip at right 90-degree angles or curved corners, securing it with a mounting buckle located 4 inches (10 cm) on either side of the curve. Please keep a space of more than 1.65 inches between the light strip and the bend.

led pool light strips mounting shape

The improper method to Bend The Strip Lights:

1. Avoid twisting the light strip horizontally.

2. Avoid bending along the side of the strip.

3. Do not tighten the strip tightly at the corner of the fold.

4. Make sure the strip is not installed on a curve less than 60 degrees, especially around a wall less than 1.58 inches (4 cm) thick.

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Why Choose PaneraLux Interconnected Light strips

  • 24V low voltage rope lighting outdoor - Harmless to the human body

    Safe Low Voltage Design

    Our underwater light strips feature a low voltage design, ensuring safe operation with a voltage reduced to a stable 24V DC, prioritizing safety for you and your family.

  • how to connect cut led strips - End cup install instruction

    Technical Support

    Access our extensive library of instructional videos, simplifying the process of customizing your lighting with the ease of doing it yourself, ensuring a perfect match for your pool, koi pond and fountains with their waterproof features.

  • customizable led light strips underwater pool

    Customized Solutions

    Benefit from our team of qualified engineers who will develop a customized lighting plan based on your specific requirements and preferences, ensuring a professional and customized lighting solution for your outdoor space.

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