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How do I change the light in my underwater pool?

Two Pools with Poolside LED Strips

Knowing how to install swimming pool LED strip lights is crucial, as improper installation can damage both your pool and the new pool lights, potentially causing harm to you and your family.

If you find the single color pool lighting is uninspired and if your pool lights have been dim or stopped working after several years use, it's time to consider changing the old underwater pool lights.

If you prefer to handle the swimming pool light replacement yourself, instead of hiring someone, changing a multi color LED pool light strips is a optimum choice for changing your pool lighting!

Paneralux LED strips can be directly installed along the pool edge, which don’t occupy the space of existing pool wall lights. Additionally, 24V DC low-voltage pool edge lighting ensures that neither the installation process nor usage will pose any harm to you or your family. Not to mention, pool lights with multi color can bring you a much fresher swimming pool experience.


Follow these steps to change the LED lights at poolside:

  1. Turn off the power. Identify the circuit breaker powering the lights and turn it off.
  2. Remove the old submersible LED lights. Use a screwdriver to open the mounting buckles and detach the light strip from the pool wall.
  3. Unbox the new pool lights. Put the reel on the ground and pull out the light strip directly to rest it on the pool deck,
  4. Replace the existing light strips. Carefully uninstall the existing light strips and install the new submersible pool lights. You can find more details about installing poolside led lights on Youtube.
  5. Reinstall the mounting buckles. Securely attach the poolside LED light back to the pool wall using the removed mounting buckles.


By following these steps, you can efficiently and safely change the LED lights at the pool edge. Please ensure power which for the LED pool light is turned off before starting these steps for safety. If you lack experience in electrical work, consider seeking a professional assistance to ensure a smooth installation process.

Replacing underwater pool lights is a significant undertaking that requires patience. If you have ideas for changing the pool's shape or appearance, replacing the pool lights during a pool renovation is a wonderful idea. This approach can save you considerable time and effort. You can find additional assistance in the article "Pool renovations are a great time to add pool lights".

Of course, we offer personalized guidance for our customers. If you have questions about how many LED strips your pool needs, feel free to email us or click the icon in the bottom right corner. Chat with us and you can get professional advices soon.

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