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PaneraLux LED Strip Outdoor Backlight

PaneraLux LED Strip Outdoor Backlight

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PaneraLux LED Strip Outdoor Backlight

Whether you want to create a captivating focal point in your outdoor living space, light terrace or infuse warmth and light into key elements of your backyard, our range of outdoor landscape lights offers ideal solutions tailored to your needs.

These outside LED strips are small, exquisite, and colorful, and we also provide customized lighting design services, just to make you feel more happiness and creative inspiration in your daily life!

Our outdoor LED strips are suitable for backlighting balconies, pergolas and covered porches. It has a wide range of applications. Explore various outdoor landscape lighting ideas suitable for different outdoor areas.

Shipping Policy

Standard orders will need 3-7 weeks, which includes 3-8 business days for production and 10-35 days for shipping. We will make every effort to ensure your purchased product reaches you within the stated time frame, but we make no guarantees as issues can arise that are outside of our control. Customs clearance may increase the delivery time for some countries.

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Benefits Of Led Strip Outdoor Backlight

When considering outdoor light strips, understanding the benefits they offer is essential to making informed decisions:

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  • decorative garden light cable tie fixing effect picture
  • garden decorative lights spacing setting from PaneraLux

Why Choose PaneraLux Outdoor Led Strip

  • 24V low voltage landscape edge lighting - Harmless to the human body

    Safety Priority

    Our strips outdoor feature low voltage design, ensuring safe operation with stable 24V DC output, putting safety first for you and your family.

  • outdoor led strip lights for outside tail plug installation method from PaneraLux

    Easy Customization

    Access our extensive instructional videos for easy customization, ensuring a perfect match for your outdoor soffit lighting, pergola accent lighting, covered porch lighting, patio outdoor lights, balcony LED lights needs.

  • multicolor LED strip outdoor backlight

    Tailored Solutions

    Benefit from our team of engineers who will develop a bespoke landscape lighting plan based on your specific requirements, ensuring a professional, bespoke lighting solution for your outside living space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Nice eave lighting

I compared the outdoor strip I bought from govee with this one, and the Paneralux product is far superior to govee's 18 leds/m with up to 60 leds/m. Also the denser beads make for a much better light effect, and the light looks linear when shaded by the eaves, whereas govee's is more of a dotted effect and much brighter. The govee's are more of a dotted effect and much less bright. I really like this outdoor strip.

Bobby Abbot
Recommend it on deck railing

My deck was dim with a led light and I always want bright lighting. This light strip with RGBW color options and also very bright. Overall this is a pretty well made light that will definitely add ambience to any situation you can think of and I would happily recommend it on my deck railing where it provides great lighting.

Spring Pope
Reliable Outdoor Lighting Options

Like most people, I love decorating the house for the holidays. Unlike most people, I've always dreamed of having lights that come on and change colors or patterns to reflect the holidays and seasons. I've tried various app-controlled lights before, but they always break or become a joke. These Paneralux lights make my dreams come true. Color, brightness, pulsation, everything at your fingertips. The light strips are very reliable: overall IP67 waterproof design; highly translucent housing; flexible light strips. This is absolutely the best.

Enid Ellen
Great lights, lots of lighting options

I've been trying to find something to decorate the above ground pool. These came in handy just in time. There are so many options and themes. My above ground pool is over 40 meters in circumference so I purchased 1 strip of 30 meter and 1 strip of 15 meter lights. By simply cutting and sealing, these light strips matched the perimeter of the pool perfectly. They are easy to put together and control at the same time.The IP67 waterproof rating is enough to cope with the outdoor weather and the humidity of the pool perimeter.

Jason Chang
The perfect outdoor light

We use it for decorative lighting under the countertop of our grill island. The product has stood up to high winds, heavy rain and hot summers. So far, all the lights are still working and shining brightly after 10 months. They work well with Alexa as well.
As a special note, I didn't want to have to punch holes in my grill island again. So I followed the seller's directions and purchased neutral silicone adhesive at a local store to secure these light strips. The silicone adhesive proved to hold these light strips well. If you don't want to punch holes in your mounting surface either, try my method.