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1. What PaneraLux can offer

PaneraLux is a high-end lighting brand that focuses on three major areas: home lighting, commercial lighting, and supporting lighting. We are committed to providing customers with healthy, environmentally friendly, reliable products and high-quality services. As an important part of PaneraLux home lighting, PaneraLux Outdoor Lighting provides innovative lighting products and solutions for customers’ pools, SPA, Patio, Garden and other outdoors.

2. When and where PaneraLux was established

PaneraLux related companies started their business in 2005. Located in Ningbo, China, PaneraLux is 15 km away from Ningbo airport, 40 km from Ningbo harbor and 150 km from Shanghai, and the transportation is very convenient.

3. Advantages of PaneraLux

PaneraLux stands out with its comprehensive commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

PaneraLux maintains a leading position in emerging lighting technologies with a strong R&D team and extensive cooperation experience with leading international companies.

Providing high-quality products is PaneraLux's responsibility. Adhering to the concept of "quality first", PaneraLux pursues excellent quality while maintaining reasonable prices.

With an experienced customer service team, PaneraLux can provide timely assistance and comprehensive support to customers, including customized solutions.

For 20 years, PaneraLux has been at the forefront of the landscape lighting industry. Through the lights for "PSP" --Pools, SPA, Patio, the three main product series, PaneraLux brings relaxation and joy to families. From the relaxed atmosphere of SPA light, to the shining light of Pools light, and then to the comfortable and warm atmosphere of Patio light, PaneraLux Outdoor Lighting creates a pleasant lighting atmosphere for customers, meeting the needs of different scenes such as gatherings, socializing, or solitude.

4. PaneraLux missions, vision, core values, business philosophies, quality policies

Our missions are to innovate lighting system solutions, provide excellent quality with professional services, and create a better luminous environment.
Our vision is, Let the Light Understand You Better.
Our core values are, Integrity, Striving, Teamwork, and Innovation.
Our business philosophies are, Customer First, Staff as Basis, and Cooperation Wins.
Our quality policies are, Quality is Morality, Quality is Cultivation, Quality is Respecting-clients, Quality is Permanent Responsibility.

5. How to contact PaneraLux

Room 605, No. 51, Building 12, XinTianDi DongQu, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, 315042, China
Email: sv-hq-c25@paneralux.com

Brand Story

Before 2005, Mr. Jeff Yang, the founder of PANERA LIGHTING, originally created the name PANERA. It comes from a combination of the word "PAN" (meaning to move across) and "ERA" (meaning a span of time). Together, "PANERA" means to move across a long span of time and references a long existence. Starting in 2005, the high-end brand PANERALUX was launched for lighting related products to the global market. The name PANERALUX was structured by using the combination of "PANERA" with "LUX" (as a shorthand for "luxury") to portray long-lasting, high-end luxury goods and imply the goods are a high grade and durable.

PANERALUX is a high-end lighting related brand that serves consumers healthy, long lifetime and valuable lights.
PANERALUX missions are to innovate light solutions, provide excellent quality with professional services, and create a better luminous environment.
The significance of PANERALUX brand is to make people's life more wonderful. We regard innovation as the source of vitality. Innovation or death. Innovation has become our DNA. What really creates value is our innovation team and their innovative spirit of never giving up.
PANERALUX has been based on the lighting industry for a long time, constantly developing and innovating, providing customers with healthy, comfortable and human-centered lighting products. We integrate the software and hardware technologies and resources of LED, lighting, electrical appliances, IT and other fields, create leading smart home lighting products and services, and provide unique value to upstream and downstream stakeholders and end consumers.
PANERALUX prioritizes the sustainable development that aligns with ESG standards. By promoting the progress of industry technology, we advocate energy conservation, environmental protection and resource conservation. We actively participate in charity activities, hoping to make greater social contribution. PANERALUX brand adheres to a scientific and rigorous attitude and sets long-term goals. While vigorously developing and managing, it constantly optimizes the management mode, inspires the team's innovative and enterprising spirit, and firmly moves towards the set goals.

PANERALUX vision is, Let the Light Understand You Better.

Product Development

1. We are one of the earliest manufacturers of LED lights in China.
2. We have 20 years experience of LED lighting solutions.
3. We have strong R&D team and rich cooperation experience with leading international companies.
4. We have strict product development process to meet the requirements of the high quality.
5. We are committed to innovating lighting technology and developing new products according to customer needs.

Quality Management

1. Quality Policies

PaneraLux quality policies are, Quality is Morality, Quality is Cultivation, Quality is Respecting Clients, Quality is Permanent Responsibility. It serves as guiding principles in all aspects of our operations.

2. Quality Control

Providing high-quality products is PaneraLux's responsibility. Adhering to the concept of "quality first", PaneraLux pursues excellent quality while maintaining reasonable prices.

We conduct ISO9001:2015 quality management system strictly. Our commitment to quality begins at the inception of product design and extends throughout the entire manufacturing process. From meticulous material selection to rigorous reliability testing, PaneraLux ensures that every product meets stringent quality standards, catering to the extreme demands of the high-end market. Employing a robust LED bin sorting control process, we guarantee customers consistent color temperature and light color, and the LED chips with a lifespan of 30000 hours. Utilizing state-of-the-art measuring devices, PaneraLux conducts comprehensive quality control at every stage of manufacturing, including incoming inspection, pre-production testing, process inspection, and final assembly.

3. Testing Laboratory

Before launching, the new products have to be conducted the rigorous testing of performances and durability etc..
PaneraLux boasts an advanced testing laboratory to evaluate the photoelectric parameters of LEDs and LED luminaires, and conduct comprehensive testing of reliability, including endurance tests, waterproof tests, safety tests, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) tests, and more.
The testing adheres strictly to the latest international standards. The testing equipment undergoes annual calibration by third-party testing agencies to maintain accuracy and reliability.

4. Certification and Compliance

We hold ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, and the enterprise social responsibility accreditation. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to product quality and our commitment to corporate social responsibility.
Our products have obtained CE/UL/ROHS/REACH/UKCA and other certifications and are constantly updated to comply with the latest international safety and environmental standards.

Customer Services

PaneraLux is committed to providing customers with a high-quality service experience to ensure comprehensive support and satisfaction throughout their purchasing and product usage journey.

1. Customer Service Team

Our customer service team consists of experienced and highly professional sales and technical members who possess excellent communication and problem-solving abilities, and are able to efficiently respond to various customer needs and issues. Whether it's product consulting, after-sales service support, or solving order issues, our customer service team will do our best to ensure that customers receive timely, accurate, and satisfactory responses and assistance.

2. Flexible production

Our factory's production can be flexibly adjusted to accommodate large and small orders, so our order MOQ can be very small, which is especially welcomed by small customers.

3. Customization Service

PaneraLux offers customization service to customers, providing individual designs and solutions for every project, to meet different needs.

4. Tutorials Support

Additionally, we provide comprehensive tutorials and support services for customers:

Product Use Manuals: Detailed instructions on how to use the product and any precautions to be taken to ensure customers can use the product correctly.

Project and Product FAQ: Provide answers to common questions about projects and products, including text, images, and videos to help customers better understand and use the products.

Online, Email, and Call Support: Provide multiple contact methods for customers to easily reach our customer service team at any time for timely assistance and support.

5. Return Visit

We regularly visit customers, listen to their opinions and suggestions, and continuously improve our products and services.

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