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Before 2005, Mr. Yang, the founder of PANERA LIGHTING, originally created the name PANERA. It comes from a combination of the word “PAN” (meaning to move across) and “ERA” (meaning a span of time). Together, “PANERA” means to move across a long span of time and references a long existence. Starting in 2007, the high-end brand PANERALUX was launched for lighting related products to the global market, including the United States. The name PANERALUX was developed by using the combination of the prior “PANERA” with “LUX” (as a shorthand for “luxury”) to portray long-lasting, high-end luxury goods and imply the goods are a high grade and durable.

PANERALUX is a high-end lighting related brand that serves consumers healthy, long lifetime and valuable lights.

PANERALUX missions are to innovate light solutions, provide excellent quality with professional services, and create a better luminous environment.

The significance of PANERALUX brand is to make people's life more wonderful. We regard innovation as the source of vitality. Innovation or death. Innovation has become our DNA. What really creates value is our innovation team and their innovative spirit of never giving up.

PANERALUX is based on the lighting industry, constantly developing and innovating, providing customers with healthy, comfortable and human-centrist lighting products. We integrate the software and hardware technologies and resources of LED, lighting, electrical appliances, IT and other fields, create leading smart home lighting products and services, and provide unique value to upstream and downstream stakeholders and end consumers. By promoting the progress of industry technology, we advocate energy conservation, environmental protection and resource conservation, and actively participate in charity activities. PANERALUX brand hopes to make greater social contribution and realize our social value.

PANERALUX brand adheres to a scientific and rigorous attitude and sets long-term goals. While vigorously developing and managing, it constantly optimizes the management mode, inspires the team's innovation and enterprising spirit, and firmly moves towards the set goals.

PANERALUX vision is, Let the Light Understand You Better.

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