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2024’s Top 10 Swimming Pool & Outdoor Living Trends And Lighting Design

No more design dilemmas! We’re here to share 2024 trends for outdoor living and pool to inspire you.

If you are struggling with the backyard design that you want to renovate, time to pick and choose your favorite ideas.

Swimming Pool Trends

1. Freeform and Natural Pools

Natural pools with plantings and bio-filtration systems are eco-friendly and beautiful.

How to Get It: Create pools that mimic natural water bodies using organic shapes and materials. Add rock waterfalls or sandy beaches for a relaxed, nature-inspired look.

Freefrom and nature pool

2. Tranquil Water Features

Fountains, spas, and waterfalls add visual appeal and a calming ambiance.

How to Get It: Install aesthetic waterfalls, minimalist fountains, or spa areas. These features create a serene environment for your outdoor retreat. Enhance your setup with PaneraLux underwater pool led strip lights to illuminate these features beautifully at night.

Water Features

3. Firepits & Outdoor Fireplaces

Fire features create a cozy atmosphere. Custom-made firepits and stone fireplaces are popular.

How to Get It: Add a firepit or fireplace to your outdoor living area. This not only enhances the design but also extends your outdoor season by providing warmth and comfort. Use PaneraLux outdoor pool light to highlight these features.

led light strip under firepit in backyard

4. Timeless Designs with Neutral Colors

Neutral and earthy color palettes blend seamlessly with natural surroundings.

How to Get It: Use neutral tones in pool liners and tiles for a timeless appeal. These colors provide a sophisticated foundation that complements any outdoor decor.

Neutral pool

5. Poolside Lounging, Cabanas, and Pool Houses

Increase relaxation with a luxury cabana. Keep an eye on your kids in the pool while you relax in the shade.

How to Get It: Build a comfortable cabana with seating and possibly an attached bathroom. Use PaneraLux multi coloured pool lights to create a cozy, well-lit space for evening relaxation.

poolside lounging, cabanas and pool houses

Waterproof LED Pool Lights

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paneralux colored pool lights light-up effect in the swimming pool
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paneralux Above Ground pool lights light-up effect


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Outdoor Living Trends

1. Natural and Sustainable Landscaping

Homeowners are using drought-tolerant plants and eco-friendly materials.

How to Get It: Choose native plants and sustainable materials like local stone to reduce environmental impact and maintenance needs. Light up your garden with PaneraLux outdoor edge lighting for a beautiful, eco-friendly ambiance.

natural and sustainable landscaping

2. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Smooth transitions from indoors to outdoors are very popular.

How to Get It: Use expansive glass doors to connect indoor and outdoor areas. Design outdoor kitchens and dining spots among lush greenery. Enhance these spaces with PaneraLux outdoor led strip lights for a seamless look day and night.

seamless indoor-outdoor living

3. Elegant Pergolas

Pergolas add height and visual appeal to your outdoor space.

How to Get It: Add a pergola to your yard or patio. Leave the roof slats open for filtered sunlight or drape with light fabric for shade. Highlight the structure with PaneraLux outdoor lighting strips .

Outdoor Lighting under Pergola

4. Full-Service Outdoor Kitchens

Cook, dine, and entertain in a luxury outdoor kitchen.

How to Get It: Include stove tops, ovens, and dishwashers in your outdoor kitchen design. Enhance the area with PaneraLux outdoor led light strips for a functional and inviting space.

Led strip for outdoor kitchen

5. Night Spaces

Well-lit outdoor spaces are great for evening use.

How to Get It: Use PaneraLux outdoor strip lighting to illuminate garden beds and outdoor living areas, transforming your backyard into a 24/7 hangout spot.

outdoor night space led light strip

Outdoor Living Light

Outdoor Lights Item Preview

Application of PaneraLux Outdoor Backlight Strips
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Application of PaneraLux Outdoor Edge Lights Strips


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Get ready to transform your backyard with the latest trends.  These trends not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space but also increase functionality and enjoyment. Whether it's a cozy outdoor lounge, a chic pool design, or stunning lighting, choose what resonates with your style and preferences.

Now feel your landscape pool with PaneraLux pool and outdoor LED strips, enjoy the moments with your loved ones.

For expert advice and assistance in choosing the perfect LED strip lights for your outdoor space, feel free to reach out to our team. Email or click the icon in the bottom right corner, chat with us and you can get professional advice soon.

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