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PaneraLux Multicolor Outdoor Light

PaneraLux Multicolor Outdoor Light

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PaneraLux Multicolor Outdoor Garden Light

RGBW outdoor rope light design for those who like the colorful garden landscaping. Unlike the static color neon light strip, the RGBW version can provide different light modes and a variety of light color options. It is more suitable for applications such as garden wall beds, border of the lawn, flower bed edging, pergola, etc. Garden edging ideas to dress up your landscape edging.

Shipping Policy

Standard orders will need 3-7 weeks, which includes 3-8 business days for production and 10-35 days for shipping. We will make every effort to ensure your purchased product reaches you within the stated time frame, but we make no guarantees as issues can arise that are outside of our control. Customs clearance may increase the delivery time for some countries.

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Benefits Of Multicolor Outdoor Light

When considering outdoor and landscape decorative lights, understanding the benefits they offer is essential to making informed decisions:

  • garden path lights cut and reseal instruction from PaneraLux
  • lighting for garden paths installation guiding
  • led strip lights outdoor related accessories from PaneraLux

Why Choose PaneraLux Multicolor Outdoor Light

  • 24V low voltage landscape edge lighting - Harmless to the human body

    Safety Priority

    Our multicolor outdoor light features low voltage design, ensuring safe operation with stable 24V DC output, putting safety first for you and your family.

  • outdoor pathway led strip lights for outside tail plug installation method from PaneraLux

    Easy Customization

    Access our extensive instructional videos for easy customization, ensuring a perfect match for your garden's lighting needs.

  • multicolor outdoor pathway edge light

    Tailored Solutions

    Benefit from our team of engineers who will develop a bespoke garden lighting plan based on your specific requirements, ensuring a professional, bespoke lighting solution for your outdoor space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
vertical fire pit ambient lighting

I dug a sunken deck in my patio and built a circle of sofas and a vertical fire pit on it. i wanted the fire and lights to add to the ambiance of nightly conversations when I gather with friends. This light strip meets my needs very well, and the RGBW lighting allows me to have a wide range of light color options. My friends loved the ambient lighting which cost me a lot of beer lol

Eliot Housman
Definitely waterproof and has multiple lighting functions

I am using these lights for outdoors and so far they have worked well. The strip is only about 40 feet and covers three length of my patio that I wanted to light. There is a remote control that allows you to change colors and patterns in really cool ways. If I am hosting a party I normally keep it on the cool blue because it reflects well against the house. I also attached them on the ground beside the edges of my patio. After months of sprinklers and off and on rain they still work well and I have had no problems with them. I would definitely recommend it as the outdoor decor lighting.