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PaneraLux LED Pool Lights White and Blue Color

PaneraLux LED Pool Lights White and Blue Color

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Upgrade Your Swimming Pool with PaneraLux Single Color LED Lights

Single color LED pool lights can help provide more light and use less energy to help with energy and costs.

PaneraLux pool lights add inviting elegance to your pool or spa and are the perfect choice for highlighting steps and sunbathing ledges. Color options such as warm white, white, and blue static colors.

Connect PaneraLux single LED pool lights to your pool automation systems and controllers. Adding pool lights to your automation can help make pool lighting a breeze.

Experience the beauty of your pool with PaneraLux Pool Lights. This LED pool light has a 137° ultra-wide angle neon linear lighting effect, 24V low voltage design, and 25m/80ft ultra-long operating length. With perfect color and high luminous brightness, it can create a stunning atmosphere in any swimming pool.

Let the night baths begin!

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Benefits of PaneraLux LED Pool Lights Static Color

When considering single color led pool lights, PaneraLux offers a number of advantages worth highlighting:

Right and Wrong Way to Take Out and Bend the Light Strip

When bending or removing a light strip, it is essential to follow proper procedures to avoid damaging the device. This is the right and wrong way to do it:

led rope light outdoor put out instruction

The correct way to take out the light strip:                            

1. Use the tube to pass through the reel and roll out the light tape horizontally.             

2. When installing, one person drags the reel while the other pulls out the light strip for installation.     

Wrong way to take out the light strips:                                       

1. Put the reel on the ground and pull out the light strip directly                                      

2. One end of the pool light strip is suspended in the air during installation.

led pool lighting install on the corner

The correct way to bend the light strip:                     

1. Bending along the non-light emitting surface.   

2. Bending angle of the light strip ≥ 60 °.  

3. Installation at 90° right angles or curved corners. Fixed with a mounting buckle at 10cm/4in on each side of the bend, keep a certain gap between the light strip and the bend (>1.65in).

led pool light strips mounting shape

The wrong way to bend the light strip:                     

1. Twisting the light strip horizontally.                                
2. Bending along the side of the strip .                           

3. The strip is tightly fitted to the corner of the bend .

4. Strip installed at a bend <60° (around a wall <4cm/1.58in thick).

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Why Choose PaneraLux Single Color Swimming Pool Lights?

  • 24V low voltage rope lighting outdoor - Harmless to the human body

    Safe Low Voltage Design

    We utilize low-voltage LED light strips, reducing the voltage to a stable 24V DC.

  • led strip lights for outside tail plug installation method from PaneraLux

    100% match your Pool

    We offer comprehensive instructional videos to make personalized DIY a breeze.

  • customizable led light strips underwater pool

    Personalized Custom Solutions

    Our team of engineers will create a professional pool lighting plan based on the information you provide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Crystal Connie
Top-Quality Outdoor Light Strips

Compared to the multitude of low-priced outdoor lights on Amazon, their products undeniably provide a longer-lasting lighting solution for outdoor spaces. The light strips are visibly crafted using a one-piece extrusion process, achieving an IP67 waterproof rating. All connectors feature male-female joints, maximizing the overall system's waterproofing to IP67. Coupled with a 24V DC power converter, you can use them with confidence.

Willie Judson
Versatile Lighting for Any Outdoor Setting

Whether along outdoor stairs, decks, or fences, these light strips effortlessly adapt to various environments. The DIY length-cutting feature adds versatility, ensuring a perfect fit for any outdoor setting. I've installed these light strips in every possible spot in my yard. Opting for the RGBW version provides not only colorful lights but also additional warm white, allowing for versatile and personalized effects.

Logan Carter
Make evening swimming safer

My swimming pool is open-air, and everyone knows how high the daytime temperatures are in Arizona during the summer. So my kids always like to swim in the pool after the sun goes down. The original lights in our swimming pool were damaged long ago and were not bright enough. This makes me worried about my children's safety and I need to be able to see how they are doing at all times.
This pool light is a monochromatic white light, It does not have the changeable modes of RGB swimming pools, but it makes it more suitable as a safety light strip for swimming pool lighting.
And it has adjustable brightness, I can turn it down to soft and see the kids clearly. In this way, children will not feel uncomfortable when the brightness is too high. I'm so happy I chose this pool light.

Elijah Green
Lighting for swimming pools in swimming and fitness complexes

I am a pool building contractor as well as a pool designer. My client wanted to match a standard pool in a gym with a pool light that adjusted the ambiance and brightness. Traditional pool light fixtures can only illuminate a portion of the pool area and cannot match the needs of the scene. Their light strip controller can be synchronized with multiple interconnections, without having to worry about the maximum installation length of the light strip, and perfectly illuminates over 90 meters of the pool. At the same time, linear neon lights keep the brightness of the entire pool consistent. I chose the white light version of the swimming pool light. The adjustable brightness function is enough for a swimming pool in a fitness center.

Mason Allen
Pure white pool lights

Compared to the multiple light colors of RGB, I prefer white color. This pool light is available in 3 single colors: white, warm white and blue.
I chose warm white light, the color is pure, the swimming pool is very bright at night, and the warm white light makes me feel relaxed.
I don't like too many operations and only need to turn the pool lights on and off, so I didn't buy a controller, which saved me the cost of controller and remote.