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PaneraLux Colored Pool Lights

PaneraLux Colored Pool Lights

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Light Up Your Pool With PaneraLux Multicolor Pool Lights!

PaneraLux pool light is a truly waterproof lighting product with its unique patented design and linear light effect, widely used on the edge of swimming pools, ponds, backyards, and outdoor landscapes.

If you are planning to upgrade your traditional pool lights to something attractive and energy efficient, PaneraLux color-changing pool lights are your best option.

This pool light underwater has a wide-angle soft light and 24V low-voltage design, and the length of the light strip can be cut according to your pool.

These LED pool lights are functional and beautiful and are easy to install and maintain. PaneraLux has a professional team to provide lighting solution design, installation guidance, and technical support.

Let the night swims begin!

Shipping Policy

7-15 business days, delivery may take a longer time in holiday shopping season. We will make every effort to ensure your purchased product reaches you within the stated time frame, but we make no guarantees as issues can arise that are outside of our control. Customs clearance may increase the delivery time for some countries.

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Benefits of PaneraLux Colored Pool Lights

When it comes to enhancing the ambiance of your pool, PaneraLux offers a variety of benefits with its colored pool lights. Here's why they stand out:

Right and Wrong Way to Take Out and Bend the Light Strip

When bending or removing a light strip, it is essential to follow proper procedures to avoid damaging the device. This is the right and wrong way to do it:

led rope light outdoor put out instruction

The proper method to take out the light strip:

 1. Use the tube to pass through the spool and unroll the luminous tape horizontally.

 2. When installing, one person drags the spool while the other takes out the light strip for installation.

The improper method to take out the light strips:

1. Avoid placing the spool directly on the ground and pulling out the light strip without proper guidance.

2. Refrain from leaving one end of the pool light strip hanging in the air while performing the installation process.

led pool lighting install on the corner

The proper method to bend the light strip:

1. Bend the light strip along the side without emitting light.

2. Make sure the bending angle of the light strip is equal to or greater than 60 degrees.

3. Install the strip at right 90-degree angles or curved corners, securing it with a mounting buckle located 4 inches (10 cm) on either side of the curve. Please keep a space of more than 1.65 inches between the light strip and the bend.

led pool light strips mounting shape

The improper method to Bend The Strip Lights:

1. Avoid twisting the light strip horizontally.

2. Avoid bending along the side of the strip.

3. Do not tighten the strip tightly at the corner of the fold.

4. Make sure the strip is not installed on a curve less than 60 degrees, especially around a wall less than 1.58 inches (4 cm) thick.

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Why Choose PaneraLux For Colored Pool Lights?

  • 24V low voltage rope lighting outdoor - Harmless to the human body

    Safe Low-Voltage Design

    Our commitment to safety is evident in our use of low-voltage LED light strips, which effectively reduce the voltage to a stable 24VDC, ensuring a safe and reliable lighting solution for your pool area.

  • how to connect cut led strips - End cup install instruction

    100% Compatible With Your Pool

    We provide comprehensive instructional videos to facilitate hassle-free customization, making do-it-yourself installation a simple process tailored to your pool's specific requirements, ensuring a perfect match every time.

  • customizable led light strips underwater pool

    Custom Solutions

    Our dedicated team of engineers is ready to help you create a professional pool lighting plan. Leveraging the information you provide, we will design a custom solution that meets your unique needs and preferences, ensuring optimal lighting for your pool environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Extra Long Pool Light Strip

My pool is relatively small only 95ft in circumference so I chose this 98ft extra long pool light strip. One light strip means no additional wiring or fittings, which not only saves on the cost of fittings, but also results in better lighting once installed.

Charlotte Byron
Make up the length of the pool light

Due to a measurement error on my part, I was missing 3.5 meters of the pool light strip I ordered. For a while I thought there was no way to remedy this, but the seller told me they had an interconnected version of the pool light that could solve this problem. Sure enough, as the seller said, this interconnected version of the pool light strip would connect perfectly with the pool light I ordered. Now my pool lighting is complete.

lauren Cole
Suitable for lighting different water features

I purchased this pool light for fountains and waterfalls, and since each water feature is only 2 to 3 meters long, it would be wasteful to purchase multiple single-ended power cords for pool lights to cut. This pool light comes in several length sizes to choose from and can be connected up to 15 meters in length. I purchased three 3 meter interconnected versions of the pool light that can be connected directly to each other. For this I saved about half the cost and the lights can be kept synchronized.

ambe Bill
Perfect solution for pool step lighting

My pool entrance has 3 steps. They are not on the same level as the pool, which bothered me. The seller recommended me this interconnected version of pool light strips where they can be connected to each other via male and female connectors. Not only that the seller was able to customize the length of the light strip for me based on the size of the steps. This allowed me to unify the lighting of my pool steps and the inside of the pool.

Marry Abe
The seller's service is very thorough

I don't know much about pool lighting products. I could hire an installer for the products, but I really had no idea which products to order and in what quantities. Luckily paneralux's pre-sales and after-sales services are excellent. They will want you to know the detailed pool dimensions and other details and then recommend the most suitable pool light system for you. They also sent me installation notes and videos after I received the product. They are very meticulous in solving all the problems you have with the product. I am glad I chose paneralux pool lights.