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PaneraLux Above Ground Pool Lights

PaneraLux Above Ground Pool Lights

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Light Up Your Above Ground Pool With PaneraLux Pool Light strip!

PaneraLux Pool Edge Lighting is a color-changing light strip for outdoor above-ground pools, adding ambience and safety to summer evening swimming.
The colorful RGB lights can switch colors and adjust brightness, and can be easily operated with an intelligent control system.

With a flat size and detachable design, it is very suitable for installation on the top railing of above-ground swimming pools, as well as trampolines, porch posts, camping trailers, etc. It is available in a variety of lengths to meet above-ground swimming pools of different specifications.

Every design perfectly matches the usage scenario of the above-ground swimming pool, and can accompany you through long summers one after another.
If you're considering accentuating your pool fence lighting, upgrading to PaneraLux multi-color Above Ground Pool Lights is a stylish and energy-efficient option.​

PaneraLux has a professional team that provides lighting solution design, installation guidance and technical support.​

Let the night swims begin!

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Benefits of PaneraLux Above Ground Pool Lights

When it comes to enhancing the ambiance of your above-ground pool, PaneraLux offers a variety of benefits with pool edge lights. Here's why they stand out:

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Why Choose PaneraLux For Above Ground Pool Lights?

  • 24V low voltage Above Ground Swimming Pool Lights - Harmless to the human body

    Safe Low-Voltage Design

    Our commitment to safety is evident in our use of low-voltage LED light strips, which effectively reduce the voltage to a stable 24VDC, ensuring a safe and reliable lighting solution for your pool area.

  • how to connect cut Pool Edge Lighting led strips - End cup install instruction

    100% Compatible With Your Pool

    We provide comprehensive instructional videos to facilitate hassle-free customization, making do-it-yourself installation a simple process tailored to your pool's specific requirements, ensuring a perfect match every time.

  • customizable led light strips Above Ground

    Custom Solutions

    Our dedicated team of engineers is ready to help you create a professional pool lighting plan. Leveraging the information you provide, we will design a custom solution that meets your unique needs and preferences, ensuring optimal lighting for your pool environment.

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