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PaneraLux Waterproof Box 2pins for LED Light Strip

PaneraLux Waterproof Box 2pins for LED Light Strip

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Extend your lighting system safely and reliably with our waterproof electrical boxes. Specially designed for below-grade installations, these plastic enclosures allow you to connect and splice light wires and transformers without risking electrical shorts or water damage. The transparent lid and base make it easy to visually inspect wire connections after installation. 

Built to IP68 standards, these junction boxes feature a sealed lid and rubber gasket that keeps moisture out of the enclosure. The waterproof rating allows for direct burial underground or placement in the surrounding pool deck area. Dual threaded lid holes allow for conduit connections to route wires in and out of the box.

Whether you're installing new lights or retrofitting an existing system, these junction boxes eliminate the need for exposed splices. Protect all electrical connections from rain, sprinklers, and wet environments. Available in multiple sizes to handle transformers, wire nuts, and splices for low-voltage light installations.

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