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4 Things Need to Do to Replace High Voltage Pool Light with Low Voltage Light

Switching from high voltage pool lights to low voltage pool lights has several significant benefits, including cost efficiency, safety, and energy savings.

Below is a detailed breakdown to help you understand why this change can be advantageous and how to go about it.

Should I Change High Voltage Pool Lights to Low Voltage Pool Lights ?

1. Cost Efficiency

   - Long Lifespan: PaneraLux LED light strips have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. If your high voltage pool lights are not LEDs, switching to LED can result in significant cost savings due to fewer replacements.

   - Energy Consumption: LED lights are highly energy-efficient, consuming less than one-tenth of the energy compared to conventional bulbs. This translates to substantial cost savings on your electricity bill.

2. Safety Features

   - Lower Risk of Electric Shock: High voltage pool lights pose a higher risk of electric shock in the event of damage or leaks. Low voltage LED pool light (whether 12V, 24V, or 36V) are much safer, even in cases of leakage. The low voltage released into the water will not cause harm to swimmers.

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Which Type of Low Voltage Pool Lights is Best?

- Mainstream Choices: 12V, 24V, and 36V are the most common options.

- Best Option: 24V pool lights are generally the best choice due to their superior energy efficiency and performance. Most LEDs operate at 3V DC, and a 24V system minimizes electrical design inefficiencies by over 50% compared to 12V systems.

All PaneraLux low voltage pool lights are 24V, you can check them by Pool Lighting Collection .

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2 Critical Things to Prepare for Changing High Voltage Pool Lights to Low Voltage

1. Pick a suitable power supply

Unsuitable power supply would let pool light strip dim or burn out, pick a suitable one to let you pool lights system stable glowing.

If you unsure the specification of power supply, check What Happens if Using Unsuitable Power Supply for 24v Pool Lights? – PaneraLux

2. Rewiring

Switching to low voltage pool lighting will likely require rewiring. This is because mixing different voltages within the same conduit is not advisable due to the risk of induced voltage. Induced voltage occurs when the electrical current in the 120V wires generates a voltage in the low voltage wiring due to magnetic fields, which can cause issues with low voltage systems and create unsafe conditions.

5 Steps to Quick Change High Voltage Pool Lights to Low Voltage

  1. Turn Off the Power

   - Ensure the power to the pool lighting is completely turned off to maintain safety during the replacement process.

  1. Unplug the Original 120V Power Cord

   - Safely remove the existing high voltage power cord from the swimming pool lights .

  1. Install a New 24V DC Power Supply

   - Install a new power supply that converts 120V AC to 24V DC, ensuring it complies with local electrical safety standards and regulations.

  1. Connect the New 24V Power Cord

   - Connect the new 24V power cord to the 24V pool light , ensuring all connections are secure to avoid loose connections or short circuits.

  1. Test the New Setup

   - Turn the power back on and test the waterproof LED lights for pool to ensure it is functioning properly. Check for any issues such as flickering, dimming, or electrical faults.


After going through this process, you can successfully replace high-voltage light strips with low-voltage ones. Please pay great attention to safety during the replacement and recommend considering hiring a professional electrician to replace led pool light .

Now feel your landscape pool with PaneraLux pool and outdoor LED strips, enjoy the moments with your loved ones.

For expert advice and assistance in choosing the perfect LED strip lights for your outdoor space, feel free to reach out to our team. Email or click the icon in the bottom right corner, chat with us and you can get professional advice soon.

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