multi application outdoor patio lighting design ideas

10 Ideas Outdoor Patio Lighting Design Only by LED Strips Outside

LED strip lights are a great option for outdoor use if you are looking for a discreet but effective way to light your outdoor spaces. Many of these strip lights are waterproof, making them great options to light patios near your outdoor pool or if it is exposed to the weather.

If you’re ready to feel the glow, these tips will help you put together your outdoor LED strip lights in a way that truly upgrades your landscape.

These 10 ideas are inspired by “backyard improvements that add value to home”, now, get inspired with these top outdoor strip lighting ideas and make your own landscape lighting plan .

What to Consider Before Installing LED Strips for Outside

Remember to practice basic outdoor lighting safety precautions, such as making sure to exclusively use outdoor waterproof lights for house , and being mindful of electrical safety when water is present.

10 Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

1. Pool Illumination :

Create a captivating ambiance around your pool area with LED strips installed along the pool's perimeter. The gentle glow of the lights reflecting off the water will enhance the atmosphere and ensure safety during evening swims.

    led strip for Pool Illumination

      2. Water Fountain :

      Highlight the beauty of your outdoor water features, such as fountains or ponds, with placed swimming pool led strips . These lights can accentuate the cascading water and add a mesmerizing effect to your landscape.

        Led strip under pool waterfall scupper

          3. Fire Pit, Fire Fountains or Outdoor Fireplace:

          Enhance the warmth and coziness of your outdoor seating area around a fire pit or fireplace with underwater pool led strip lights . Install the lights along the seating walls or beneath the fire feature for a magical glow after sunset.

            led light strip under firepit in backyard

              4. Outdoor Cooking Stations and Kitchens:

              Illuminate your outdoor cooking area with LED strips under counters, cabinets, or shelves. Not only will this provide practical task lighting for food preparation, but it will also create an ambiance for outdoor dining.

              Led strip for outdoor kitchen

                  5. Balcony Privacy Wall :

                  Transform your balcony into a tranquil retreat with outdoor led strip lights along the wall. The soft illumination will extend your outdoor living space into the evening hours, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

                  Led strip along balcony privacy wall

                      6. Outdoor Deck Lighting:

                      Install LED strips along the edges of your deck to define the space and prevent tripping hazards. Choose warm or cool-toned lights to complement your outdoor decor and create a welcoming atmosphere.

                        Led strip under backyard deck

                          7. Aluminum Pergola or Gazebo:

                          Add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor pergola by lining its structure with led outdoor light strips . The glow will accentuate the architectural details and create an ambiance for entertaining or relaxation.

                            Outdoor Lighting under Pergola

                              8. Planters and Flowerbed Border:

                              Illuminate your garden or flower beds with led strip outdoor placed inside planters or along the borders. This creative lighting technique not only adds visual interest but also showcases your landscaping efforts after dark.

                                bright led exterior strip lights from PaneraLux

                                  9. Privacy Fence:

                                  Enhance the aesthetics of your privacy fence by installing LED strips exterior . The soft glow will provide both security and ambiance, turning your fence into a decorative feature of your outdoor space.

                                  Led strip along outdoor privacy fence

                                      10. Walkways and Driveways:

                                      Ensure safety and visibility along pathways and driveways with LED strip lights embedded or installed along the edges. These lights not only guide guests safely but also add a charming glow to your outdoor landscape.

                                      bend lights path in garden from PaneraLux

                                        A backyard can be so much more than a drab outdoor space. From pools to fire pits, a few simple additions can really transform the area.

                                        Elevate your outdoor experience with PaneraLux pool and outdoor LED strips and make every moment outdoors unforgettable.

                                        For expert advice and assistance in choosing the perfect LED strip lights for your outdoor space, feel free to reach out to our team. Email or click the icon in the bottom right corner, chat with us and you can get professional advice soon.

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