How do I install the pool light system?

Under the pool deck or on the pool wall. Customers can choose the specific installation position based on the pool's actual conditions. Installation accessories package includes: expansion screws, side mounting clips, and top mounting clips. (Silicone adhesive is not included.)

How to Choose Mounting Clips and Quantity?

For installation under the pool deck, use side mounting clips. For installation on the pool wall, use top mounting clips. Use 1 mounting clip every 0.25 m.

Methods of Fixing the Light Strips:

Expansion screws or silicone adhesive. If using expansion screws, ensure that the pool deck thickness is 5cm. If using silicone adhesive for fixing, install the pool lighting strips after the silicone adhesive has cured for 24 hours.

Important notes:

1.Before installing pool lighting strips, first power them up to check for issues like dead LEDs or missing colors.

2.During installation, avoid completely unwinding the LED strip from the spool and refrain from using excessive force when removing it.

3.When installing pool lighting strips at bends, secure them with a mounting clip on each side of the bend, positioned 10cm away. Ensure there is a gap between the LED strip and the bend, avoiding complete adherence.

4.LED strips can be bent at angles 60° and can be routed around walls with a thickness 4cm.

5.Follow the provided instructions for installing pool lighting strips on different surfaces within the pool area.

6.Our pool lighting strips are designed to only bend vertically along the non-illuminating side; twisting or bending in other directions is prohibited.


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