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LED Strip Lights or Rope Lights: Which Is the Best for Outdoor Use?

Linear lighting is not only popularly used in indoor lighting but also frequently used in outdoor illumination. Is there a better option than linear lighting for outdoor lighting? You can use linear lighting in almost any place you can think of.

There are two common types of linear lights for outdoor use. Let's explore the difference between them and find the suitable one for you.

The Linear Lighting Shares in Outdoor Lighting Market

The global linear lighting market was valued at $20.8 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach $56.4 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 11.1% from 2022 to 2031.

Linear lighting market by application growth as below:

Linear Lighting Market by Application Growth

(Source: Linear Lighting Market Size, Share and Analysis by 2031

What’s LED Strip Lights, Rope Lights

LED Strip Lights

Description : An LED strip, tape, or ribbon light is a flexible circuit board populated by surface-mount light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) and other components.

Key Features :

Lighting Source : LEDs, which are energy efficient. Available in single colors and color-changing options.

Size : Small, compact and flexible, can be cut to any length.

Brightness : Higher brightness, with options for dimming and color changes, suitable for various applications.

Flexibility : Highly flexible, can bend up to 90 degrees.

Cost : Generally more expensive but have a longer lifespan.

Installation : Easy installation with mounting buckles.

Light Quality : Better overall quality, better CRI, color consistency and accuracy.

Beam Angle : Typically 120 degrees, from 110 degrees up to 140 degrees for outdoor led strip lights.

IP Rating : Various IP ratings, suitable for different environments. IP65, IP67, IP68 for common outdoor lighting. (Related blog: 3 Steps to Choose Waterproof LED Strip Lights for Outdoor Use – PaneraLux )

Waterproof Shell Material : Silicone, PVC, PU(Polyurethane), PO(Polyolefin), epoxy resin. offering temperature resistance and flexibility. (Related blog: How to Make LED Outdoor Light Strips Waterproof – PaneraLux )

Run Length : Several length sizes, from 3m to 40m for outdoor use.

Rope Lights

Description : A rope light is primarily used as a decorative lighting fixture, featuring small lights linked together and encased in a PVC jacket to create a string of lights.

Key Features :

Lighting Source : LEDs or incandescent bulbs. Usually single-color, not RGB color changeable.

Size : Broader in diameter, typically 1-2 cm.

Brightness : Lower brightness, no color change options. Best for decorative lighting, not suitable for high-visibility applications, like accent, task, or display lighting.

Flexibility : Limited flexibility due to internal wiring, suitable for wrapping around objects.

Cost : Less expensive due to simpler configurations.

Installation : Thick and difficult to install in many areas; requires large mounting clips.

Light Quality : Generally lower than outdoor led strips.

Beam Angle : Up to 360 degrees due to the round shape. Suitable for Christmas decorations.

IP Rating : Good IP rating, often waterproof.

Casing Material : Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Run Length : Up to 80 meters with AC voltage, 15 meters with DC voltage.

Application of LED Strip Lights and Rope Lights

LED Strip Lights Application

Accent lighting, general illumination, task lighting, display lighting, backlighting, and more.

Application Place: Kitchens, pools, bathrooms, shelves, stairs, and general room lighting.

10 outdoor led strip lighting ideas

More 10 outdoor led strip lighting ideas: 10 Ideas Outdoor Patio Lighting Design Only by LED Strips Outside – PaneraLux

Rope Lights Application

Decorative uses, such as wrapping around objects like trees or creating shapes.

Application Place: Christmas decorations, balconies, landscape accenting, walkways, wrapping around poles or trees.

Why Recommend LED Light Strips as Outdoor Use

Outdoor led strip lights offer more brightness, customization, and versatility compared to rope lights. Although rope lights are inexpensive and good for decorative, we still recommend outdoor led strips as your primary choice for outdoor illumination.

Outdoor led light strips are better for more demanding applications and long-term use to brighten up your outdoor spaces. 

Feel your outdoor landscape with PaneraLux pool and outdoor LED strips, enjoy the moments with your loved ones.

For expert advice and assistance in choosing the perfect LED strip lights for your outdoor space, feel free to reach out to our team. Email or click the icon in the bottom right corner, chat with us and you can get professional advice soon.

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