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How to Choose the Perfect Colored Pool Lights for Your Retro Summer Vibes

How to Choose the Perfect Colored Pool Lights for Your Retro Summer Vibes

Want to ignite some retro charm this summer? The perfect way to complement your vintage poolside style is with colored pool lights designed to cast vibrant hues for an electrifying, nostalgic mood. When choosing pool lights to channel colorful retro vibes, keep these tips in mind.

First, determine the retro style you want to evoke. For a Miami Vice or Las Vegas flair, neon pool lights splash pools with vivid pink, green, and blue tones. Opt for LED pool light strips or bulbs in singular bold shades. Place perimeter strips around features like steps to bathe the whole pool in dynamic color.

If you prefer a more eclectic and funky retro vibe, go for color-changing LED pool lights. RGB and RGBW pool light strips cycle through countless colors and programs to deliver disco dance parties or psychedelic rock concert ambiance. Control color-changing speeds and transitions to match the era’s aesthetic.

For a touch of 1950s-inspired class, colored pool lights in soft pastel pinks, powder blues, and creamy yellows recall midcentury resort chic. Adorn interior walls and fountains with singular calm hues, or slowly transition through the color palette creating a soothing oasis.

When choosing placement, remember colored lights show best when installed at the waterline pointing inward to reflect hues across the entire pool surface. Outline steps and bench seating to directly illuminate walking paths and relaxation zones. Adhere light strips vertically on walls to generate a beautiful reflective glow.

Most colored pool lights run on 24-volt power, minimizing electrical risks for in-pool installation. Look for UL-rated waterproof LED pool lights from trusted brands like Paneralux or Jandy to ensure safety and longevity. Use mounting tracks or clips for damage-free application on any pool surface.

For voice-activated fun, opt for smart-colored pool lights that connect to phone apps or AI home assistants. Switch colors or programs at the sound of your voice, or sync exciting visual displays to your favorite nostalgic tunes old and new.

As you select the perfect colored lights to complement your retro poolscape, don’t forget the importance of transformers and controllers. Choose UL-listed power units with adequate wattage capacity for your lighting layout. Include wireless remotes, wall switches, or digital controllers to easily control colored lighting effects.

Transform any backyard resort into a thrilling retro paradise this summer with the perfect colored pool lights. With strategic placement and lighting controls, you can craft vibrant vintage vibes to delight nostalgic souls during sultry poolside days and carefree candlelit nights. Take the plunge into colorful retro bliss!

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