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The Complete LED Strip Pool Light Buyer's Guide What You Need to Know

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Looking to upgrade your pool's illumination with brilliant LED strip pool lighting? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know - from accenting benefits to key specifications, smart controls, proper installation, and budget-friendly recommendations. Let's dive in to ensure your LED strip lighting project exceeds expectations.

 Benefits of LED Strip Pool Lights

 The hottest pool lighting trend, LED strip lights offer numerous advantages versus old-fashioned pool bulbs. Also called LED pool strip lights or pool strip lights, here are some top reasons to upgrade:

 - Vibrant Colors - Select single vibrant hues like magenta or azure blue or multi-color RGB/RGBW strips capable of unlimited dynamic effects.

 - Brightness - Higher LED diode density means unparalleled brightness compared to other pool lighting options. Make safety and design pop.

 - Energy Efficiency - LED strips consume up to 80% less electricity than traditional pool lights, saving on energy costs.

 - Customized Effects - Adhere weatherproof strips anywhere to highlight design elements, steps, benches, fountains, and more with strategic application.

 - Simplicity - Low voltage LED strips install without rewiring or electrical work. Some are truly plug-and-play for DIY convenience.

 - Durability - Properly installed waterproof LED strips last over 50,000 hours, far longer than older pool light technologies.

 The versatility, visual impact, and longevity of LED strip pool lights make them a worthwhile investment to illuminate your poolscape in style. 


 Key Specifications to Look For

 LED strip pool lights are available in a range of specifications to accommodate your pool's unique size, shape, and lighting needs:

 - Beam Angle - Wider 120-180° spreads provide broader ambient lighting while 60° beams concentrate directional accent lighting.

 - Colors - Choose from popular fixed colors or RGB/RGBW strips with color changing ability. RGBW offers maximum color diversity.

 - Length - Measure your space and purchase adequate LED strip lengths, allowing extra. Longer reels can be cut to custom size.

 - IP Rating - IP68 strips withstand full underwater submersion. IP65 are fine for perimeter/surface mounting.

 - Light Output - Brighter strips have a higher lumen output and LED diode density. Compare wattages.

 - Cable Length - Longer cables allow easier wiring runs to your driver/transformer. Opt for 16' cables.

 - Dimming - Many controllers allow dimming light output for just the right ambiance.

 Also consider minimum order quantities - some brands sell by the foot while others only sell full reels. Outdoor rated, pool-safe LED strips are recommended.


Common LED Strip Pool Lighting Positions

 Where LED strips are located makes a big impact on the illumination effects achieved. Consider popular placement options:

 - Perimeter - Outline steps, copings, lounge areas for ambient glow in one color. Marks vital safety transitions.

 - Floor - Adhere in curves, rings, grids for a vibrant "carpet" of light.

 - Walls - Vertical strips installed a few inches below the waterline create a spectacular reflective shimmering effect across the entire pool.

 - Water Features - Accent waterfalls, bubblers, fountains, and sprays with their own color.

 - Benches - Hide strips under seating for hidden pop of color.

 - Steps - Match stair riser colors to depths for a safety indicator. White aids visibility. 

 Mixing multiple strip placements creates stunning multidimensional effects. Get creative with your layout!


Installation Tips and Tricks

Properly installing LED strip pool lights protects your investment and prevents issues down the road. Follow these pro tips:

 - Use mounting tracks or clips for clean, non-damaging attachment on any pool surface. Avoid silicone adhesives.

 - Seal connections with waterproof, outdoor-rated connectors and junction boxes. Prevent moisture damage.

 - Only cut strips along designated cut lines to preserve the internal circuitry.

 - Ensure adequate strain relief to prevent cable tension damage on strips and wiring.

 - Connect to a listed Class 2 low voltage LED driver and appropriate sized transformer based on total wattage.

 - Install a GFCI circuit breaker on the primary voltage side for REQUIRED safety protection.

 - Hire an electrician for best results integrating LED strips into main pool electrical systems. 

 Correct LED strip placement and wiring for wet environments ensures safety, performance, and longevity.


Smart Control Options

LED strip pool lights unlock maximum enjoyment when paired with smart controls. Conveniently change colors, speeds, and lighting effects with:

 - Wireless RF Remote - Manually toggle colors, modes, brightness at poolside. Included with most kits.

 - Smart Phone App Control - Bluetooth and WiFi enabled strips connect to apps for custom programming.

 - Voice Activation - Compatible strips operate via voice commands through Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc.

 - Automation Systems - Integrate lighting into home automation suites like SmartThings for total smart home control.

 - Timers - Schedule automated color and mode changes at precise times or intervals.

 - Music Visualization - Multi-color strips automatically sync colors and effects to the rhythm of music playing.

 With advanced controls, it's easy to set the perfect ambiance any time.


Brands and Budget Recommendations

Ready to choose LED strip pool lighting for your project? Here are some recommended brands and considerations across budget levels:

Budget - OptiLux, INFiNiTY, Luminoodle. 16' reels under $100. Basic colors and modes. RF remote included. Good starter option. 

Mid-Range - Supernight, Lighting EVER, Egomakers. 16' rolls $100-$150. More color and effect options. Added waterproofing. Smart controls.

High-End - DORESshop, HitLights, Kasa Smart. 16' rolls $200+. Commercial grade. Optimized spectrum and clarity. Advanced lighting programming. Sync with music and smart homes.

Finally, calculate the total cost including accessories like hardwire transformers, controllers, switches, junction boxes, etc. Factor in electrician fees if professionally installed. 

In summary, LED strip pool lights transform backyard pools into colorful aquatic escapes. We hope this guide covered everything needed to select the perfect lighting system to enhance your night swimming experience. Let the illumination begin!

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