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Could I Leave Pool Lights on All Night

Underwater lighting allows for safer, more enjoyable swimming at night. Not only is it easier for swimmers to see at night, it also provides better visibility for monitoring others, especially children and pets.

Pool lighting extends the life of your pool, allowing you to take full advantage of your pool after night falls. Night swimming is a unique and very relaxing pool experience enhanced by the ambient lighting.

So, could I leave pool lights on all night?

We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of long-running swimming lights.


The short answer is yes, obviously, you can turn your swimming light on all night.

In California, it's a legal requirement for public pool lighting, that "Pools used at night shall be equipped with underwater lighting fixtures that will provide complete illumination to all underwater areas of the pool with no blind spots. Illumination shall enable a lifeguard or other persons to determine whether:

  1. A pool user is lying on the bottom of the pool; and
  2. The pool water conforms to the definition of "clear pool water.".”

More detail code to California Building Code 2022(Vol 1 & 2) Section 3115B Pool Lighting 3115B.2 Nighttime Use.

It's safer to be able to see the pool at night so that no one falls in (small animals included) and so that you can identify at a glance if someone is in there.


1. Cost

Undoubtedly, running lights for around pool all night incurs electricity expenses. Using California as an example, with electricity rates around 30.44¢/kWh in January 2024(What is the average cost of electricity per month in California in 2024?),

For a 15x30 feet regular pool (5x10 meters), to achieve the desired lighting effect, choose pool led light strips that run all around the pool, like 2pcs 50ft (15m) PaneraLux pool edge lighting.

The 50ft(15m) PaneraLux colored pool edge lighting is 1.46w/ft (4.8w/m), it would cost:
50ft/pc x 2pcs x 1.46w/ft = 146w

Assuming the pool edge lights run 12 hours straight every day, from 8pm to the next day 8am, your monthly electricity bill for swimming lights would be 146w x 12h/day x 30days x 30.44¢/kWh, which is about $16 per month. The same cost as a timer plug purchased.


If you're concerned about energy usage, you could consider using a timer or smart plug to schedule the pool edge lighting to turn off at a certain time during the night.

Now, if the question is COULD you leave your lights for around pool on all night? Probably not. Even 1.46w/ft (4.8w/m) of power is non-negligible, and why waste electricity?

2. Fire hazard

LEDs, known for their low operating temperatures, significantly reduce the risk of fire hazards compared to traditional lighting options like incandescent or halogen bulbs. LEDs produce minimal amounts of heat, which means they are unlikely to overheat or set on fire.


Operating temperatures of several common lights :


- LED: 35℃ - 55℃

- Incandescent: 100℃ - 200℃

- Halogen: 200℃ - 400℃

- Metal Halide: 800℃ - 1200℃


However, prolonged operation can still elevate temperatures, increasing the potential for fire hazards. While LED pool light strips are safer, it's advisable not to leave them unattended for extended periods. Monitoring their temperature during operation is prudent to mitigate risks.


If you do want to leave the swimming lights at night, we would suggest you run them for 6 or so hours while you are awake and see how hot they get.

3. Bugs

Leaving pool edge lighting on all night can attract insects, which may be drawn to the warmth and light. While LED lights are less likely to attract bugs compared to traditional incandescent or halogen lights, it's still a consideration, especially in areas with a high insect population. Implementing strategies to minimize insect attraction, such as keeping the pool area clean and using bug repellents, can help alleviate this issue.

If you want to know more about do pool lights attract bugs, you can check our blog “5 Tips to Choose Outdoor Lights Building a Bug-Free Place”.


While it's technically feasible to leave your swimming lights on all night, it's not necessarily the most prudent choice. Considering factors like energy consumption, fire safety, and insect attraction, it's advisable to explore alternatives such as timers or smart plugs to regulate lighting usage. By striking a balance between safety, ambiance, and energy efficiency, you can optimize your nighttime swimming experience while minimizing unnecessary costs and risks.


PaneraLux offers professional pool and outdoor led strips, we are experts in the field of LED knowledge. If you have any need, feel free to email us or click the icon in the bottom right corner, Chat with us and you can get professional advice soon.

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