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DIY pool light strip to match your pool perfectly


One of the major drawbacks of online shopping is that it doesn't exactly match offline needs. For example, a customer wants a 13.5 meter (44.3ft) pool light strip, but the seller doesn't offer non-standard sizes. How can we circumvent this problem of customer needs not being met?


PaneraLux provides two ways: 1. customize non-standard size light strip for customers. 2. support cuttable DIY processing. In this era of pursuing sales and revenue, few sellers are willing to more than meet the needs of consumers. We are adhering to the concept of serving customers and creating a humanized brand. As long as our customers have needs we will solve your pool lighting needs one on one.


All of our series of pool light strip products support length customization, because it is impossible for all pools to be standard length. This solution solves the problem of matching the length of pool light strips for customers, especially those who don't want to process and cut. It only takes extra 1~2 days for us to customize the non-standard length pool light strip for you.


Customers' own DIY cutting solution at the pool light installation site is the most accurate solution. It's hard for us to get the accurate pool size, even if the size provided by the customer is more than 95% accurate.


So how to realize the pool light strip cutting and resealing?

  1. Mock up the installation of the light strip along the pool and mark the excess as Point A.
  2. Cut the pool light strip 50mm forward of the marked point A. (The cutting length of different colors of pool light strip is not consistent, white pool light strip cutting length: 50mm, every 7 lamp beads cutting; blue pool light strip cutting length: 41.7mm, every 6 lamp beads cutting; RGB pool light strip cutting length: 50mm, every 6 lamp beads cutting. )
  3. Light up the strip and find the last lighted lamp bead, marked as B. Make sure that point B is in front of point A and the light is normal at point A. 
  4. Remove the strip after point B along the cut mark. 
  5. Begin resealing the strip by inserting the semi-cylindrical plug into the inside of the strip, making sure the retaining spacer is fully inserted into the strip.
  6. Insert the end of the strip inside the base and fill the base with RVT-1 silicone rubber. Make sure all gaps are filled with RVT-1 silicone rubber. This step will directly affect the waterproof performance of the strip.
  7. Place the center stand into the base and fasten the cover with stainless steel screws.
  8. Wait 24 hours for the RVT-1 silicone rubber to cure, and then install the strip and light it for inspection after 24 hours.


Customers should be aware that DIY lengths are difficult and risky, and any improper operation will result in failure to meet the IP68 waterproof rating. Customized length is the best option for most customers. Our professional technicians will cut and re-seal the strip for you, then after complete waterproofing and aging test, it can reach the same quality as the standard size strip.


Of course, for those who want to do it themselves, we have written instructions as well as a more intuitive video for you to follow. Each step will be shown to you in detail. If you have any questions about DIY shear for pool light strips, please feel free to contact us at We are more than willing to work with you to realize your perfect pool lighting journey.

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