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How Much Does It Cost to Replace LED Pool Lights?

While lights around pool bestow joy and create magical moments, they endure the harsh conditions of chlorine and water. This exposure makes them vulnerable and prone to breakage. When faced with the need to replace these beloved best pool lights, understanding the cost becomes crucial. Let's explore the price of restoring your best pool lights.

Price for Three Common Types of Pool Lighting

Imagine a 15x30 feet regular pool (5x10 meters). To achieve the desired lighting effect, choosing normal pool lighting would require 2 to 3 bulbs. For led pool light strips, you'd need to order the light strips that run all around the pool, like 2pcs 50ft (15m) PaneraLux pool edge lighting.

The exact prices for three types of lights around pool are as follows:

    LED pool light bulbs: 2pcs or 3pcs, $50-$150

    Full-size incandescent pool lighting: 2pcs or 3pcs, $300-$900

    Pool led light strips: 2pcs 50ft pool lights for $800 (15m, single color pool light or colored pool lights)

Understanding the cost of pool lighting is essential for those considering replacements.

Installation and Replacement Costs

Enhancing your best pool light involves more than just the initial purchase cost. The installation of a single lighting fixture incurs a labor cost ranging from $350 to $600. Additionally, pool light repair cost fall within the $50 to $100 range. These figures are derived from insights provided by Fixr, a reliable source in the field of outdoor lighting costs.

For more details on pool light installation cost, visit Fixr's Outdoor Lighting Cost Guide.

As we navigate the nuances of installation and replacement costs, let's shed light on another pertinent topic. Explore the comparative value of outdoor LED light strips in a dedicated blog post titled "Are Outdoor LED Light Strips Worth It?"

This insightful blog discusses the cost-effectiveness of various outdoor lighting options, examining factors such as power consumption, safety, and environmental impact. The conclusion? Outdoor LED light strips stand out, boasting a lifespan 25 times that of incandescent bulbs and over three times that of CFL lights, promising significant savings in purchase cost and cost to replace a pool light over time.

Moreover, consider the resilience of pool led light strips in the face of malfunctions. If an issue arises, only a small section may be affected, leaving the rest of your pool's underwater world bathed in light. This stands in stark contrast to traditional pool lighting, where a malfunction often plunges the entire pool into darkness, disrupting your nocturnal aquatic adventures.

Guiding the Way with PaneraLux's Expertise

For those considering the transition to pool led strip lighting, PaneraLux extends a helping hand. Our blog serves as a gateway to a professional tutorial on replacing led pool light strips, providing step-by-step guidance. Whether you prefer to read through the tutorial or watch it unfold on our YouTube channel, we've got you covered with details of pool led light strips installations and transformation.

In conclusion, as you weigh the options for replacing your lights around pool, let this guide be your beacon, illuminating not just the immediate costs but the long-term benefits of choosing the right lighting solution for your pool.


PaneraLux offers professional pool and garden led strips, we are experts in the field of LED knowledge. If you have any need, feel free to email us or click the icon in the bottom right corner, Chat with us and you can get professional advice soon.

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