The best time to design a pool light system

The best time to design a pool light system

For individual users how to choose the configuration of the pool light system is a headache. This is because it involves whether the number of fittings is reasonable; whether the length of the light strip is just right; how the wiring harness is distributed and hidden and other issues. Then when to determine the pool light system is very important. The overall pool design phase is the best time to determine the lighting system. All of the issues you will encounter can be addressed when designing your pool:

Light Strip section:
1. The direction and length of the distribution of the light strips, which involves whether they are non-standard lengths that need to be customised.
2. The power cable outlet of the light strip, according to the size of the pool deck to decide whether it is side outlet or straight outlet.
3. The confirmation of the installation position of the light strip, the pool deck with side installation, the pool wall with positive installation.
4. Due to the bending limitation of the light strip, steps and different planes of the installation surface need to be matched with short-size pool lights and installation methods.

Accessories part:
1. The choice of mounting buckle, we have top mounting buckle and side mounting buckle. Confirm according to the light strip mounting method.
2. Is the mounting profile required? Suitable for inline mounting on straight pool surface.
3. Number of power extension cords. Depending on the distance from the electrical box or pickup location to the pool.

Pool situation:
1. Outlet holes for harness concealment and conduit size confirmation for power cord concealment
2. The material of the mounting surface of the light strip, is it possible to make holes?

After confirming this information, the exact pool light strip system configuration can be confirmed. Customer Justin's swimming pool is in the design stage, after the confirmation of the above points we can easily confirm the swimming pool light system.

Justin's pool needs identified
1. Pool light strips are distributed over parts of the pool. Split into two sections of 9 m(29.53 ft) and 37 m(121.39 ft).
2. RGB pool light strips with side exit wires were selected.
3. mounted on the pool wall using positive mounting clips. (holes can be punched)
4. No step or vertical mounting surface. No need to match short sized pool light strips.
5. Approx. 15 m(49.21 ft) from the electrical box to the pool. According to the distribution position of the pool light strip approximately 105 m(344.49 ft) of power extension cable is required.
6. Power cable outlet has been designed with pre-built PVC piping for wire harness concealment. The diameter of the pipe is 30mm(1.18 in).

Components of the pool lighting system

2*pcs 15 m(49.21 ft) RGB pool light strips
1*pc 10 m(32.81 ft)RGB pool light strip(cut to 9 m/29.53 ft)
1*pc 10 m(32.81 ft) RGB pool light strip(cut to 7 m/22.97 ft)
3*pcs 5 m(16.4 ft)Extension Cables
9*pc 10 m(32.81 ft) Extension Cable
1*pc Distributor
2*pc RGB Controller
2*pc 200W Power Supply
1*pc RGB Remote control
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