Simplified Installation and Design - Extra Long Pool Strip Lights

When communicating with our customers about their order details, we find that most of our customers want no more than 2 light strips. Out of the difficulty of installation and the complexity of the design program of pool lighting, the ultra-long pool light strip is the best solution for pool lighting. The current situation is that there is basically no ultra-long pool light strip on the market that can meet the IP68 waterproof rating. In order to meet the needs of customers, Paneralux has successfully developed 20~30m ultra-long swimming pool light strips. For swimming pools with perimeter 30 meters, customers only need to order one 30-meter-long pool strip to solve the pool's decorative lighting. For larger pools, the extra-long pool strip can also greatly reduce the number of strips to be ordered and simplify the installation.


Below is the pool lighting requirement of customer Jones.


  1. the pool is 30 m in circumference, with pool light strips installed in a circle around the inside edge of the pool
  2. the electrical box is approximately 30 feet from the pool outlet hole.
  3. the pool light strip is mounted on the pool wall.
  4. would like to use only 1 pool light strip.


Paneralux Pool lighting solution for Jones

1*pc 30m IP68 RGB neon pool light

1*pc RGB Wi-Fi controller

1*PC RGB Remote

1*pc 150W power supply

1*pc 10m extension cable

6*bags Top mounting buckles for 5m pool lights

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