Pool Light Installation Examples for Vinyl Liner Pools PaneraLux

Pool Light Installation Examples for Vinyl Liner Pools

There are many kinds of interior materials for swimming pools, like tile, stone pool walls, you can use expansion screws to fix pool light strips. So how do you install a vinyl liner pool to secure pool light strips? In order to meet the needs of customers who don't want to damage the pool wall. Our product engineers have verified that a silicone adhesive can be used to secure the pool light strip. The neutral silicone adhesive secures the mounting clips to the pool wall and will not damage the vinyl liner. Below is an example of our customer Jackson's vinyl liner pool installation in action:

Jackson's pool photo:

Jackson 's pool lighting needs:

  1. The pool is a regular rectangle. Approximately 27.5m of pool light strip is needed.
  2. Don't want to ruin the vinyl liner pool wall. Please recommend a suitable installation

Paneralux's pool lighting program for Jackson:

 1. Pool lights system drawing 

2. Components of the pool strip system

         1*pc 15m RGB pool light

         1*pc 12.5m RGB pool light

         3*pcs 5m extension cables

         1*pc 10m extension cable

         1*pc RGB controller

         1*pc RGB remote control

         1*pc 150w power supply

         1*pc Distributor

3. Install the lights on the pool wall

Buyers can choose to use expansion screws or neutral silicone adhesive to fix it according to the material of the pool wall.

We recommend using neutral silicone adhesive to fix the pool light strip for Jackson to avoid damaging the pool wall.

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