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PaneraLux Pool Lights are truly IP68 waterproof & great for safety

Every quality of life-conscious family has high-end products as their first choice, and high-end pool lighting is defined by its superior quality, excellent safety, and outstanding waterproof performance. Many sellers in the market claim that their pool lights are IP68 rated, however, the truth is that most of them are only IP67 rated. This level of waterproof performance is not enough to support long-term use in the water, or worse, there is a serious risk of electric leakage. That's why it's important to choose a pool light with superior safety features.


PaneraLux, with its superior engineering and quality assurance, has achieved a true IP68 level of waterproof performance, providing you with unparalleled water resistance. Whether it's a home pool, a whirlpool, or any other water application, PaneraLux reliably maintains its high level of water resistance for long-lasting assurance of your use.


But PaneraLux doesn't stop there. It's the tight security that sets it apart from the rest. Every product undergoes rigorous safety testing and certification to ensure the highest level of protection in all situations. Whether it's your family or your friends, with PaneraLux you can enjoy the water without worry.


To summarize, PaneraLux, as a model of high-end products, not only reaches the true IP68 level in waterproof performance, but also makes an unparalleled commitment to safety. By choosing PaneraLux IP68 and Safe Pool Lights, you are not only choosing superior quality, but also peace of mind and safety for you and your loved ones!


How does PaneraLux's pool strip achieve true IP68 waterproof performance?

  1. Technical advantage, our swimming pool light strip adopts an exclusive patented design to optimize the waterproof structure. It ensures the rationality of the product structure in theory.
  2. Production advantage, we have our own production line, which can realize the control of production cost and the monitoring of production quality. In the manufacturing process, no cost is spared for all interfaces to be grouted with waterproof adhesive.
  3. Inspection and testing, all batches of products have to go through waterproof test, aging test, anti-impact test, etc., so as to ensure the normal use of underwater during the whole life span, and the maximum working depth is 2m/6.56t underwater.
  4. As early as 2020, we sent samples to professional TUV certification organizations for testing. The pool lights for sale have been tested to meet the standard of swimming pool lighting (EN 60598-2-18:1994+A1). Excellent reliability in home pool lighting.


How do we ensure the safety performance of our pool light strips?

First of all, our swimming pool light adopts 24V low voltage light strip, through the transformer will power supply 100~240 volts of high voltage down to 24V, from the source to avoid high voltage hidden danger.

The shell of our light strip is made of high quality latex, which has excellent anti-aging, anti-UV and anti-fire performance. It even works well in ambient temperatures ranging from -22°F (-30°C) all the way up to 158°F (70°C).

Swimming pools have a complex water environment that requires the regular addition of various chemicals to regulate the water quality. This places high demands on the corrosion resistance of pool light strips. Our pool light strips have been tested in acid environment, alkali environment, chlorine environment and salt spray test. The product can be used for a long time in complex water quality without obvious corrosion.

We also sent samples to the professional TUV certification organization for testing in 2020, which meets the lamp safety testing standards and requirements (EN 60598-1:2015+A1:2018). This certification proves that PaneraLux's strip light products meet the highest standards of safety, quality and reliability. It assures customers that PaneraLux's products not only meet stringent industry requirements, but also undergo rigorous testing to verify their performance and durability. Customers can rest assured that their pools will be lit with lighting technology that incorporates superior design, waterproof performance and a commitment to the highest safety standards.


PaneraLux's dedication and persistence is evident in every step of the process, from product design solutions - product material selection - quality control of production - rigorous shipping inspections - and professional agency certifications. With true IP68 and high safety performance as our outstanding selling points, we hope to attract the favor of buyers who focus on the quality of our products.

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