Creating Personalized Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor walkway LED Light Buying Tips

Outdoor lighting serves not only to provide illumination but also to craft a space's atmosphere and express individuality in modern living. This buying tips offers comprehensive information on outdoor walkway light strip to assist you in selecting the appropriate strip type, color, and configuration based on your personalized needs, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your design concept.


Product Overview

Outdoor walkway LED strips are a flexible solution tailored for garden lighting and creating ambiance along backyard. The light system includes waterproof power supplies, intelligent Wi-Fi control systems, and IP67 waterproof LED strips. Utilizing an outdoor silicone extrusion process, these LED strips exhibit outstanding UV resistance and corrosion durability. Suitable for both residential users and outdoor garden decoration contractors, this product provides a high-quality, durable lighting solution. Suitable for garden wall bed, the border of the lawn, flower bed edging, backyard pathway, etc.

Product Features


Light Source and Color

Single-color warm white version: offers a soft warm white light at 3100K, ideal for creating a cozy ambiance.

RGBW version: supports various color modes, can be individually set to 3100K warm white light or 6500K white light.


Outdoor LED Strip Sizes

This outdoor walkway LED strip is available in lengths of 3m/5m/8m. The 3m/5m variants have power lines on both sides, while the 8m variant has a single-side power line exit, designed for convenient interconnection between strips. Featuring a slim design with dimensions of 20*11mm, the LED strip body facilitates easy mounting and concealed installation.


Lighting Effects

125° Wide-angle emitting surface illuminates more area.

Linear lighting evenly lights up each foot.

Comfortable lighting effect achieved by softening light through silicone casing.


Technical Specifications

Power and Lifespan

  • Single-color version power: 5.2W/M, RGBW version power: 4.8W/M (RGB) + 4.32W/M (WW).
  • LED light decay (lifespan) exceeds 20,000 hours, ensuring stable long-term usage.


Risk Testing and Certification

  • Undergone various certifications such as high and low-temperature thermal shock testing, IP67 waterproof testing, and bend reliability testing.
  • Complies with (EU) 2019/2020 directives and (EU) 2019/2015 energy efficiency requirements, materials meet UL, RoHS, REACH requirements.



  • IP67 controller available in Wi-Fi and Zigbee control modes.
  • Maximum load of the controller: 25 meters for single-color LED strip; 20 meters for RGBW LED strip.
  • Optional 2.4G remote controller, supports voice control via ALEXA and Google Home Assistant.


Buying Recommendations


First, determine the color of the LED strip based on personal preferences, choosing between single-color warm white or RGBW lighting. Achieve diverse lighting effects through smart controllers.

Next, confirm the installation scenario, understanding the specific areas where you plan to install the LED strips, such as garden walkways, terraces, stairs, etc. Select the appropriate strip length and layout scheme based on different installation scenarios to ensure optimal decorative effects.

Finally, order the required accessories according to your needs, such as junction boxes, extension cords, waterproof junction boxes, 24V power supplies, and remote controllers.


Garden walkway LED strips are an ideal choice for outdoor lighting, enabling the creation of a unique atmosphere through deeply personalized design. When purchasing, choose the appropriate type, color, and configuration based on your personalized requirements to ensure the LED strip seamlessly integrates with your design concept. Whether for residential users or professional engineering contractors, these LED strips will become a distinctive embellishment for outdoor spaces.

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