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Developing Now: LED Strip Pool Lights Added to Popular Smart Home Platform

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In breaking news, LED strip pool lights can now integrate with popular smart home platforms for app and voice control convenience, marking a new era of smart swimming pool lighting.

Details on the Platform Update

The SmartThings smart home platform announced integration with AquaLux Pro LED strip pool lights, allowing owners to connect strips to their home automation ecosystem. This enables controlling pool lighting via the SmartThings app along with using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands.

With simple voice commands, users can now turn pool lights on or off, change colors, adjust brightness, and activate lighting presets completely hands free. The ability to incorporate pool lighting control into SmartThings raises swimming pool automation capabilities to new heights.

Benefits of Connected LED Strip Pool Lights

Linking energy efficient LED pool strip lights to smart platforms offers many benefits:

- Convenient voice and app control from anywhere
- Hands-free lighting changes by using voice assistants
- Automating lighting schedules and light shows
- Customizing pool ambiance for any mood or occasion
- Integrating lighting effects with music, movies, and security
- Remote monitoring and control while away from home

This development makes accent lighting integration seamless across the entire connected home.

How to Connect LED Strip Pool Lights to SmartThings

Connecting LED strip pool lights like AquaLux Pro to SmartThings is simple:

1. Ensure LED strip controller is WiFi enabled and connected to home network
2. Open the SmartThings app and enable AquaLux Pro integration
3. Sync the AquaLux app with your SmartThings account
4. Discover connected LED strips which now appear as devices in SmartThings
5. Add LED strips to rooms like "backyard" or "pool"
6. Start controlling lights using the SmartThings or AquaLux apps

Now your pool joins other appliances for complete home control and automation.

Voice Command Usage Examples

Here are some voice commands to try after linking your LED strip pool lights with SmartThings:

"Alexa, turn on the pool lights"
"Set pool lights to blue"
"Brighten pool lights to 100%"
"Hey Google, activate Summer Days lighting scene"
"Siri, sync pool lights to my party playlist"

Enjoy effortless voice control automation for your swimming pool.

More Brands Expected to Join Integration

With AquaLux Pro opening integration possibilities, more LED strip pool light brands like Brilliant, Pentair, and Hayward are expected to enable SmartThings and other smart home platform compatibility soon.

This will allow more choice for homeowners seeking connected LED pool lights. Stay tuned for the latest integration announcements.

The Future of Pool Lighting Just Got Smarter

The SmartThings integration news signals the start of the hands-free, voice-controlled pool lighting era. As more brands enable smart ecosystem connectivity, consumers will benefit tremendously from added convenience, customization, and automation. Just say the word and your pool lights adjust automatically to set the perfect aquatic ambiance. The future of swimming pool LED accent lighting looks undeniably bright.

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