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Synchronized lighting for swimming pool and jacuzzi

When you have multiple lighting needs in your courtyard and a high demand for water resistance, then you can refer to a real-life example from a paneralux customer. Client Lucas is preparing for the construction of a pool and jacuzzi in the courtyard. How can we synchronize the lighting in the courtyard? We have two options, the first one: use the same pool light controller to connect the pool and jacuzzi pool light strip. The second: use 2 controllers to connect the pool light strips for the pool and jacuzzi separately. Choose our pool light system, not only to achieve IP68 waterproof rating, linear neon light at the same time, taking into account the synchronized operation. Our app and remote control allows you to control multiple pool light controllers at the same time. If you need to control more than 20 pool light controllers at the same time, we also have zigbee gateway which can help you to realize the synchronous operation of more devices.


Lucas's pool photo:

Lucas's pool lighting needs:

  1. To synchronize the lighting of the swimming pool and jacuzzi.
  2. I'd like to cut down on expenses by only using one set of controllers.


Paneralux's pool lighting program for Lucas:

1.Pool lights system drawing 

2.Components of the entire lighting system


2*pcs 10 m(32.81 ft)RGB pool light strips

1*pc 15 m(49.21 ft)RGB pool light strip

3*pcs 10 m(32.81 ft) Extension Cables

1*pc Distributor

1*pc RGB Controller

1*pc 200W Power Supply

1*pc RGB Remote control


3.Our RGB controllers can carry up to 45 meters(147.64 ft) of RGB pool light strips. So it can meet the customer's demand of using only 1 controller. We will recommend the best pool light configuration for our customers based on their needs and the actual condition of the pool.


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