Add Color to Your Spa Channel with Paneralux's Pool Lights

Add Color to Your Spa Channel with Paneralux's Pool Lights

Pool light strips can be used in all scenes containing water, swimming pools, water features, spas, saunas, ponds and so on. Colorful lighting can enhance the overall aesthetics of the landscape, and different lighting patterns enjoy different relaxation time. Most people would choose to build a spa center by the pool and relax in the spa center after a refreshing swim. If you only add lights in the pool, it will appear that the spa center is extraordinarily dark, and customers often choose to light up the spa with lights as well. Paneralux's light strips can be synchronized with the pool lights and spa lights or controlled separately according to the customer's choice. This is the SPA center lighting solution we recommended for our American client Edgar.

Spa Channel Details and Customer Requirements: 

1.Adding lighting to infinity Spa channel under renovation.

2.Three sides of the spa outside will be equipped with pool lights, leaving one side without lighting.

3.Pool lights will be installed on the periphery of the SPA channel, size: 11*11*6ft


Paneralux SPA channel lighting solution

1*pc 10m IP68 RGB neon pool light

(Cut to 8.54m)

1*pc RGB Wi-Fi controller

1*PC RGB Remote

1*pc 150W power supply

1*pc 10m extension cable

2*pc Tail plug kits

2*pc Top mounting buckles for 5m pool lights

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