A Buying tip to Decorative Lighting Strips that Create a Unique Outdoor Atmosphere

In this day and age, decorating outdoor spaces has become an integral part of home and commercial project design. To create a beautiful and unique outdoor atmosphere, PaneraLux's outdoor waterproof light strips make for a great flexible solution. This buyer's guide will give you an insight into this product and provide you with comprehensive buying advice to help you create an inspiring outdoor environment.

                                    Product Description

Unique Design

PaneraLux's Outdoor Waterproof Strip Light is a flexible solution designed for outdoor garden lighting and pool surroundings. The kit includes a waterproof power supply, a smart Wi-Fi control system, connecting accessories and an outdoor waterproof light strip. It is made of outdoor silicone ultra-thin one-piece extrusion process, which is not only beautiful but also durable.

Sources of products

The product was originally developed from a deep understanding of the outdoor pool surroundings. From barbecue bars to patio plywood, customers crave a system that creates a decorative atmosphere of light. Paneralux's Garden Strip was created to fulfil this need.



PaneraLux's outdoor waterproof light strips serve a wide range of audience groups, including electric home users and outdoor pool project contractors. Whether you are an individual consumer or a commercial project manager, this light strip provides the ideal solution for you.


Product application

This garden waterproof light strip is suitable for a wide range of outdoor scenarios, including outdoor poolside, patios, stairs, outdoor decks, and fences. Whether you are creating a private home or a commercial space, this strip will give your environment a unique and eye-catching lighting accent.


                                         Product Features


This light strip has an IP67 waterproof rating for the entire light, ensuring stable operation in all weather conditions. This makes it ideal for outdoor environments, even by a wet pool.


Ultra-thin design

The light strip adopts an ultra-thin design of 5*16MM, which is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also easier to install. You can choose to use the mounting buckle to fix it or the zip tie to bend and twist the installation, the light freely presents the shape you want.


DIY Length Cutting

In order to meet the needs of various scenarios, PaneraLux's light strips support DIY length cutting, with a minimum cutting length of 100mm each time, which allows you to flexibly adjust the length of the light strips according to the actual situation, creating more personalised lighting effects.


Intelligent Control System

With the waterproof WIFI & Zigbee controller, which is compatible with 2.4G remote control and supports voice interconnection, including ALEXA and Google Home Assistant, you can easily control the lights remotely through the intelligent control system, creating a more convenient and intelligent outdoor environment.


Long-term Warranty

PaneraLux offers a 3-year and above warranty on this product, demonstrating confidence in its performance. The LEDs have a light decay (life span) of 25,000 hours or more, ensuring that your outdoor decorations will maintain a stable lighting effect for a long time.


Variety of choices

Depending on your needs, the strip offers a variety of options, RGB and RGBW versions, extra long working lengths of 10M/15M/20M/30M, as well as different configurations of strip power and brightness. Whatever your preferred color and brightness, you will find a version that meets your needs in this product.


Safety and Reliability Certificates

This light strip has gone through a series of rigorous tests and certifications, including high and low temperature cold and hot shock, IP67 waterproof test, anti-bending reliability test, and material environmental protection test. It complies with UL, RoHS, REACH requirements, as well as the (EU) 2019/2020 Directive and (EU) 2019/2015 Energy Efficiency requirements, ensuring the safety and environmental protection of the product.


                                        Purchase Advice

Personalise your design

Before you buy, consider the effect you want to achieve in your outdoor environment. Choose the right type, color and configuration of strip light according to your individual requirements to ensure it will fit perfectly into your design concept.


Confirm the installation scenario

Understand the specific scenario where you plan to install the strip, including poolside, terrace, staircase, etc.. Depending on the installation scenario, choose the right length and shape of the strip to ensure its optimal decorative effect.

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