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Designing a Lighting System for Your Pool

In most cases we will design the right pool lighting system based on the shape, size, and installation of the customer's pool, among other things. If your pool has an uncomplicated shape or you have a flair for design, you can design a unique lighting program for your pool. Why should the customer design his own pool program? Because only the customer knows exactly what is going on in the pool, such as how many meters of power extension cables are needed, or where the wiring harnesses are hidden.


So how can you design your own pool program? Simply check the following points:

  1. The pool has a simple shape and few corners. The simpler the shape, the easier it will be to design the solution.
  2. The length of the side of the pool that needs to be lit, to the nearest cm. we can customize the length for you.
  3. The distance from the electrical box to the pool. Specifically the distance to the power line of the pool light strip.
  4. Whether the pipe is buried in advance to hide the power cord.
  5. Choose the power cord outlet of the light strip, side outlet or straight outlet. According to the actual situation of your pool.
  6. Installation method, according to your wish, you can use perforation or silicone adhesive to fix the light strip in these two ways.
  7. Confirmation of the mounting buckle, use the front mounting buckle for installation on the pool wall; use the side mounting buckle for installation under the pool deck. The number of mounting buckle kit specifications apply to the length of 5 meters (16.4ft) of light tape. Purchase the appropriate number of mounting buckle kits according to the length of pool light you ordered.


After determining the above points, your pool lighting program is basically complete. We will reconfirm the rationality of the program for you. The case study we are sharing this time is Branden's lighting program for swimming pools. Let's take a look at how Branden designed it.


Branden provided the data and requirements of the swimming pool:

  1. The pool is a regular rectangle.
  2. Total length of the pool side is 30.00 meters (98.4ft).
  3. The distance from the electrical box to the pool light strip power cord is 4.5 meters (14.76ft).
  4. A 30mm internal diameter pipe is pre-built under the pool deck to hide the power cables and power extension cables.
  5. One straight outlet pool light strip and one side outlet pool light strip.
  6. The pool wall is made of mosaic, but I don't want to drill holes. So I choose silicone adhesive to fix the light strip.
  7. Mounted on the pool wall, order 6 packs of positive mounting clasps.


Branden's Pool Lighting System Fittings Quantity:

1*15m (49.2ft) / Side out Colored LED Pool Lights  

1*15m (49.2ft) / Straight out Colored LED Pool Lights  

1*Controller WIFI+RF2.4G IP67 for RGB light  

1*Remote for Controller RF2.4G RGB   

2*Extensions Cable IP67 5m   

1*150W Power Supply  

1*Distributors 4 ways 5pins(RGB)

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