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Case share for regular rectangular pool lighting

Client Mat is going to build a 15*38ft rectangular pool in the courtyard. Mat has his own ideas and requirements for pool lighting.

First of all, the swimming pool light strip must be IP68 waterproof, many light strips on the market claim to be IP68 waterproof, but both the appearance and structure design of the product can not reach the real IP68 waterproof. Paneralux can guarantee that all the swimming pool light strips, from design to processing to inspection, every step is completed in accordance with the requirements and indicators of IP68 waterproof. The main part of the strip is made of extruded silicone, which is completely wrapped in a silicone shell. The line connection part of the light strip uses RVT-silicone rubber and plastic structural parts to form a complete seal, ensuring that no dust and water can enter the light strip.

Secondly, the pool light must be able to light up the entire pool. Unlike traditional pool fixtures, which can only illuminate one corner of the pool, Paneralux's pool light strip is a three-sided strip with a 137° wide-angle surface that not only illuminates the water column from top to bottom, but also provides an even and soft linear neon light.

Finally all other accessories should also have the appropriate waterproof rating. This is something that many pool light products on the market fail to do. But Paneralux has made all the accessories, whether it is the controller, or the connection cable are IP67 waterproof rating. It can be immersed in water for a short period of time, and work normally in a humid environment for a long time. Perfectly adapted to outdoor humid rainy climate.


Mat's pool design picture:

paneralux's pool lighting solution for Mat:

 1.Pool lights system drawing 


2.Components of the pool lighting system

2*pcs 15 m(49.21 ft)RGB pool light strips

1*pc 5 m(16.4 ft)RGB pool light strip(cut to 2.3 m/7.55 ft)

2*pcs 5 m(16.4 ft) Extension Cables

1*pc 10 m(32.81 ft)Extension Cable

1*pc Distributor

1*pc RGB Controller

1*pc 200W Power Supply

1*pc RGB Remote control


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