Under water splice 2pin cables and wires from PaneraLux

How to Easily Splice 2Pin Waterproof Wire - How to Connect, How to Fix, How to Repair

Wanna know how to easily splice wires of outdoor lights and pool lights? Follow our video for a step by step guide on fixing the broken cables. Similar to our previous tutorial, this one is specific to 2-pin cables and wires. Choose the suitable tutorial based on your needs.


Pool Edge Light and Pathway Light Waterproof Cable and Wire Splice Guidelines: Learn how to fix pool edge lighting and outdoor lighting wire. We would show you how to strip the insulation of cord, attach the two cables to the heat shrink intermediate tube at each side individually and crimp them, then heat the double wall heat shrink tube until it's fully shrunk to ensure it remains waterproof.

Another Splice 5pin Cable Tutorial:

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