Colored Garden LED Strip Path Lighting

PaneraLux's Latest Innovation: Colored Garden Path Lights

Colored Garden Path Lights from PaneraLux are more than just lighting; they are a statement of innovation and excellence. Elevate your outdoor spaces with a lighting solution that seamlessly combines form and function. Don't miss the chance to transform your garden paths into enchanting, well-lit pathways. Illuminate your outdoors with PaneraLux, where brilliance meets durability!


Crafted for the Great Outdoors

The landscape path lighting is a testament to PaneraLux's commitment to outdoor brilliance. Tailored for various outdoor spaces such as garden paths, walkways, patio steps, decks, and stairs, this flexible RGBW light source introduces a soft ambient glow that seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings. It's more than just illumination; it's an artful enhancement of your outdoor environment.


Waterproof Mastery with IP67 Rating

One standout feature that makes the multi color waterproof led light strips a standout is its impeccable waterproofing. Through a meticulous silicone one-piece extrusion process, this path lights landscape achieves an impressive IP67 waterproof rating. Rain and humidity are no match for its durability. The silicone shell not only safeguards against water but also boasts UV corrosion resistance, ensuring a reliable working life of over 20,000 hours in the harshest outdoor conditions.


Seamless Interconnection for Customized Brilliance

Flexibility is the hallmark of the garden light strip's design. Available in 3/5/8m (9.84/16.4/26.25ft), with both sides of the wire for 3/5m (9.84/16.4ft) and a single side of the wire for 8m/26.25ft, the interconnection options provide endless possibilities for your low voltage landscape lighting setup. A single controller effortlessly links 3~20m (9.84~65.62ft) of garden path lights, allowing you to customize and curate the perfect lighting ambiance for your outdoor haven.


Immersive Illumination: The 125° Ultra-Wide Angle

Prepare to be captivated by the 125° ultra-wide angle light emitting surface. This innovative design ensures a broad, immersive illumination, lighting up more areas than traditional options. The linear light evenly spreads across every meter and foot, creating a visually pleasing and functional lighting experience. At a low 5.2W/m (1.59W/ft) with a brightness of up to 100lm/m (30.48lm/ft), the 24V low-voltage power supply system not only minimizes heat but also guarantees efficiency.


Modularized Control for Effortless Mastery

PaneraLux goes beyond with a modularized control and connection system. Compatible with all series of PaneraLux pool edge lighting and landscape path lighting, this system allows for synchronized integrated control of outdoor multi-scenes. Choose between Wi-Fi and Zigbee single-color controllers, both supporting RF remote control pairing. The PaneraLux App opens up a world of possibilities, providing a user-friendly interface for unlocking advanced operations for your garden lights.

You can easily install and connect PaneraLux APP with Wi-Fi controller through our YouTube channel.


PaneraLux Colored Garden Path Lights are a masterpiece that combines elegance with performance. Let your outdoor spaces bask in the glow of sophistication and functionality. Illuminate your pathways with PaneraLux, where each light strip is a brushstroke in the canvas of your outdoor masterpiece. Don't just light up; create a symphony of elegance with PaneraLux's Colored Garden Path Lights.

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