Your swimming pool needs colorful edge lights for decoration. PaneraLux

Your swimming pool needs colorful edge lights for decoration.

Do you have plans to build a pool in your backyard. The combination of swimming pool and lighting will make your backyard beautiful. How can you have a swimming pool lighting system that suits your needs? Our engineers will design the installation drawing of the swimming pool light system for you according to the swimming pool information you provide, and recommend the number of accessories.

If your pool, like Emily's, is still under construction, the concealment of the many harnesses and the layout of the wires will be much easier. Our engineers will guide your pool contractor step-by-step through the installation of your pool light system. Come and see how we recommended the pool light system for Emily, and guided the installation of pool lights according to her pool construction progress.

Emily's pool photo:

Emliy's pool lighting needs:

  1. The pool is a regular rectangle. Approximately 40m of pool light strip is needed.
  2. Would like to install the light strip under the pool coping.
  3. All extension cables need to be hidden.


Paneralux's pool lighting program for Emily:

 1.Pool light system drawing


2.Components of the pool light system



3.How to hide extension cable and other components?

  • Laying PVC piping under the pool walkway. Recommended inner diameter of PVC pipe: 25/30 mm. Depending on whether you want to lay 1 or 2 extension cables in the PVC pipe.
  • The rest of the pool light system parts can be put in electric box.


4.Install the light under the pool coping

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