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Are you also struggling with irregular pool lighting design?

If you have lighting problems with irregular pool design, you can try the following solutions:

Fully understand the shape and design of the pool: carefully observe the size, shape, depth and surroundings of the pool, and consider how to reasonably arrange the lighting on this basis.

Make full use of the night effect: if the pool is surrounded by landscaping or has special architectural structures, lighting can be utilized to highlight the features of the pool and add to the beauty of the night.

Use a variety of lights: By setting up different types of lights in different locations, you can create a rich visual effect. For example, use soft lighting to illuminate the edges and surroundings of the pool, while using colored lights or underwater lights to illuminate the water.

How to install lights: If there are irregular and special structures around the pool, lights can be installed on these structures to emphasize their shapes or to hide the irregularities.

Help from a professional lighting designer: If you are not sure how to design the lighting, you can consult a professional lighting designer. They can provide professional advice and design solutions based on the characteristics of the pool and personal preferences.

In a word, designing the lighting of irregular pool can be arranged creatively according to the shape of the pool and the surrounding environment. Through reasonable lighting design, the pool can be made to show its unique beauty at night.

See how we helped Carter install kidney pool lights.

A kidney pool, as the name suggests, is a pool that is shaped like a human kidney. This type of pool is designed to provide a better swimming experience and a higher level of safety. Kidney pools usually present a flat oval shape, with one end wider and the other narrower, no right angles in the pool, and gradual curves around the edges.

The installation of ordinary LED strip lights can not realize the multi-angle bending, when the customer found us Paneralux pool neon lights very surprised to show great interest, because other light strips on the market can not reach the waterproof level, narrow light-emitting surface, the bending angle of the restricted and other issues.

According to the customer's swimming pool shape, circumference, surrounding environment, we provide customers with a detailed program, customers are very satisfied.

Carter's pool photo:

Carter's pool lighting needs:

1.The pool has an irregular shape and has 3 power outlets. Based on the lighting design, could you recommend suitable locations for the power outlets.

2.All power cables and other components are hidden.


Paneralux's pool lighting program for Carter:

1.Pool lights system drawing 

2.Components of the pool strip system


3.How to hide extension cable and other components

(1). Laying PVC piping under the pool walkway. Recommended inner diameter of PVC pipe: 25/30 mm. Depending on whether you want to lay 1 or 2 extension cables in the PVC pipe.

(2).The rest of the pool light system parts can be put in electric box.

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