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Is the PaneraLux pool light strip suitable for polygonal pools?

Many customers will have a question, can PaneraLux's pool light strips be installed in polygonal pools? Our answer is yes, it's suitable of PaneraLux pool light strip for polygonal pools. The real question is whether our strips can be bent. Our light strips made of flexible material can be installed on any curved surface with a bend angle of ≥ 60°. There are basically no curved surfaces <60° in a pool. The only thing you have to be careful of is not to go around walls less than 4cm (1.58in) thick. So no matter how many edges your pool has, our pool light strips will work. Here is an example of Jerry's polygonal pool.


Jerry's pool photo:

Jerry's pool lighting needs:

  1. The pool has more than 10 edges with a total length of 35.5m(116.47ft).
  2. The perimeter of the pool is pre-plumbed and all fittings other than light strips are to be concealed in the electrical box.


PaneraLux's pool lighting solution for Jerry:

  1. Pool lights system drawing 

  1. Components of the pool lighting system

   2*pcs 15M/49.2ft RGB pool light strips

   1*pc 10M/32.8ft RGB pool light strip(cut to 5.5m/18ft)

   2*pcs 5M/16.4ft Extension Cables

   1*pc 10M/32.8ft Extension Cable

   1*pc Distributor

   1*pc RGB Controller

   1*pc 150W Power Supply

   1*pc RGB Remote control



  1. 6 meters (19.69ft) from the electrical box to the connection point of the pool light strip. Our pool light strip comes with its own 1.5 meter (4.92ft) power cord. So depending on the situation, only 2 x 5m(16.4ft) and 1 x 10m(32.8ft) power extension cords are needed.
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