Interactive lighting solutions for pools and jacuzzis

Interactive lighting solutions for pools and jacuzzis

Paneralux's swimming pool and Jacuzzi lighting solution allows for both coordinated and uniform lighting, as well as flexible zoned lighting. The swimming pool lights, interconnected by a distributor, connect the light strips of both zones to the same controller for coordinated and uniform lighting. For a more detailed presentation of the unique ambiance of the different zones, we recommend using two separate controllers to divide the lighting into two separate zones for the pool and Jacuzzi. This way, you can easily adjust the brightness, color and effect of each zone to give the pool and Jacuzzi a personalized and unique glow.


Customer's needs and pool profile:

  1. the customer's swimming pool including jacuzzi, pool size: 740 * 400mm; jacuzzi size: 300 * 270mm
  2. the distance between the electric power collection place and the pool is 2m.
  3. Hope to unify the lighting of pool and jacuzzi under the premise of saving cost.
  4. Neon lighting, can't see the spot lighting with naked eyes.

Here are our recommended pool light system options

1. Pool lights and accessories qty

2*pcs 15m RGB pool lights

1*pc 15m RGB pool light(cut to 11.4m)

1*pc RGB Wi-Fi controller

1*pc RGB remote

1*pc 320w 24V DC power supply

1*pc 3m extension cable


2. Pool light connection drawing


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