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Combined IP68 and IP67 neon strip lighting for pool and pool surrounds

How to realize the lighting in and around the swimming pool? Paneralux products are modular design, many types of light strips can be operated with the same control system. Customers can control different types of light strips with one app. The customer Jigen wanted to set up ambient and lighting in and around the pool. We recommend IP68 and IP67 light strips for him according to the application scenario and product characteristics, which can meet the waterproof requirement and avoid the extra expense caused by product mismatch.

Jigen's pool photo:


Jigen's pool lighting needs:

  1. Lighting is required for the pool and pool surroundings.
  2. Would like to be able to control all the lights at the same time or in zones using the app.
  3. Pool lights must use IP68 strips, please recommend suitable products for pool perimeter lighting.



Paneralux's pool and surroundings lighting solution for Jigen

1.Pool lights system drawing.

2.Components of the pool lighting system.


1*pc 10 m(32.81 ft) RGB pool light strip

2*pcs 15 m(49.21 ft)RGB pool light strips

3*pcs 10 m(32.81 ft) Extension Cables

1*pc Distributor

1*pc RGB Controller

1*pc 200W Power Supply

1*pc RGB Remote control

1*pc Zigbee gateway


3.IP67 neon lights for pool surroundings lighting drawing.

If you have similar pool or lighting design needs, please contact us.

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