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Pool Lighting Buying Tips

When talking about swimming pools, people often conjure up images of cool water and summer fun to beat the heat. But how do you create a unique nighttime atmosphere for a swimming pool that adds a touch of romance and mystery to the nighttime swimming experience? In front of this problem, PaneraLux pool light strips become the best choice.


PaneraLux pool light strips are high-end lighting products designed specifically for swimming pools, and their unique patented design and linear lighting effects make them one of the indispensable decorations for home pools.


Why choose PaneraLux pool light strips?


Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection:

Unlike other products on the market, our pool lighting products achieve high light efficiency with power ratings as low as 4.8W/m (1.46w/ft). This not only saves energy, but also helps the environment, contributing to your energy bill and the environment.


Uniform Linear Lighting:

Traditional pool lights tend to only illuminate specific areas, making it difficult to achieve overall illumination of the pool. PaneraLux, on the other hand, uses more than 100 high-performance LED beads per meter to ensure even light distribution. Whether it's 120 lights per meter (36 lights per foot) for the RGB version, 140 lights per meter () for the white version, or 144 lights per meter () for the blue version, the increased number of LEDs ensures better lighting linearity.


Super Light Angle Lighting:

We use high light transmittance latex housing to wrap the pool light strip to keep the light brightness from fading. At the same time, the 140° light angle gives you a superior linear neon effect.




PaneraLux Lighting Options

We offer 3 lighting versions of our pool light strips to meet your different needs. Whether you prefer natural light, warm white light, or cool white light, our engineers have you covered. If you want colorful pool lighting, the RGB version can brighten up your pool party. Or if you're a blue light lover and crave the serene blue of the ocean, our blue version of pool lights will cater to your expectations.


PaneraLux's light strip specifications

In addition to our light color options, we offer a wide range of light strips in a variety of lengths to accommodate pools of different sizes. Even if you need a specification that is not within the available range, we can customize the length to ensure a 100 percent match. The specifications we currently sell are:

White light version: 5m / 10m / 15m / 20m / 25m

Blue version: 5m / 10m / 15m / 20m / 25m

RGB version: 0.5m/1m/3m/5m / 10m / 15m


Adaptability of PaneraLux Pool Lighting Strip

We use flexible circuit boards as the base of the strip, which can support the installation at the corners, so that no matter your pool has multiple corners, or the whole pool is curved, our pool lighting strip can perfectly fit the pool shape. We have a complete installation guide video, so whether you are a DIY expert or hire a local laborer to install your pool light strip, you will be able to complete your pool light strip installation in no time.


Safety of PaneraLux Pool Strip Lights

The whole lighting system is designed with 24V low voltage, using a transformer to step down the high voltage power supply to 24V.Our products have passed the TUV test and certification, which meets the safety test standards and requirements for lamps and lanterns (EN 60598-1:2015+A1:2018), and the standard for lamps and lanterns for swimming pools type places (EN 60598-2-18 :1994+A1). Excellent safety and reliability when it comes to home pool lighting.


PaneraLux pool light strips are indispensable for modern swimming pools due to their unique design, diverse lighting effects and excellent safety performance. They give a special charm to the pool at night, adding an enjoyable and memorable element to the swimming experience. If you want to give your swimming pool more life and emotion, consider installing PaneraLux pool light strips to make your pool shine at night. Choose PaneraLux to add a unique touch of glamor to your nighttime pool experience.

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