Designing a lighting scheme for a swimming pool under construction

Designing a lighting scheme for a swimming pool under construction

Many customers want to order pool light strips in advance so they don't have to wait to install them after the pool is built. So how do you properly order pool light strips for a pool that is being built or has not to be built? Generally you need to provide a drawing or sketch of the pool design to ensure the dimensions are accurate. You also need to provide some details such as the size of the power outlet hole; the diameter of the wire pipe; the distance from the power source to the pool; whether it is an infinity pool; whether you need to install the light strip underwater, and so on. Only then can you be sure that you are ordering the products you need. Prevent missing accessories in the order or ordering too much quantity.

At the same time, we recommend customers to increase the length appropriately when ordering pool orders. For example, if you need 39 meters of pool light strip, we suggest you buy 2*pcs 20m IP68 pool light strip. Customers can cut the pool light strip according to the actual size of the pool at the pool light strip installation site, because there will be some difference between the design drawing and the actual finished pool size. This post will share Joey's process of ordering pool light strips for the pool he is building.

First, Joey needs to provide the following information.

-1. A design drawing of the pool, or a sketch with dimensions.

-2. The diameter of the pool's outlet holes and conduit.

-3. The distance from the electrical box to the pool outlet hole.

-4. Where do you want to install the pool lights? Under the deck or on the pool wall?

-5. Whether you want to use mounting clips or plastic profiles to mount the pool light strip.

-6. Which power cord emergence direction is appropriate for your pool? Left side; right side; straight out and bottom out cords.


Pool Lighting Solutions by Paneralux

2*pcs 14m RGB pool lights

2*pcs 6m RGB pool lights

1*pc 5pin distributor

2*pcs 10m 5pin extension cables

1*pc 200W power supply

1*pc RGB remote

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